Outdated Updates for Eyes of Katara

I am opening up this new blog to serve as a "comment to my readers" area. I will continue to update this according to the new chapters coming out. You may feel free to talk amongst each other or ask me questions and I'll consider answering you- some questions might not get a full answer though. ;)

Please read the bold at the bottom. =] Thanks. I'm closing comments for this blog.

Last Episode: The Great Divide

Yes, everyone (who's been keeping up with this) has been wondering about this... and yes, I am going to write The Great Divide. Hopefully seeing this from just Katara's point of view, evading a second retelling of the arguing tribes tale of their "Ball" game, might help make it less annoying.
And yes guys I'm not the happiest over writing it all either. (To the left: I actually liked it more than expected.) So far it's not been that bad to write, I've had some pretty enjoyable scenes to write with Katara / Sokka, mostly. I wanted to have more scene-time/one on one with The Tour Guide, (he'll be more than just that.) but Katara didn't spend that time with him. Aang did. Ah well. Must settle on what I can get.

Next Episode: The Storm

Anticipating. :D I for one will enjoy writing this. And nah, I don't have any big spoilers to hand out here. C'mon, we're all interested in this one right? Right? ..hello? Jk yeah I know, it's a good ep, a good Aang ep.

Amount Complete: 50-70%-ish (Yeah, unsure. Will be going back over this.)

This blog has been cancelled. Why? Because as it grows in the number of comments and I continue updating it; the wiki ends up capturing it as an "extremely popular blog" (even though it is. Hah.) and denies fresh new blogs a spot on the "Popular blogs" list. As such, this has been canceled. Instead; the new page for Eyes of Katara news can be found at Fanon:News_(Eyes_of_Katara).

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