Welcome to another analysis blog! This one I will be running a little differently. I'm going to start each round 'barren', and you guys can help fill in the missing details and I will update the blog accordingly. I'll participate, but usually after others do.

I'm making this blog as a "Discussion grounds" for a deep look into character morality and choices. Please follow only the rules and discussion laid out in this blog, it will help keep things in order for the analysis to progress. - Are the characters really as moral or immoral as one would think? Did they make mistakes, what was their beliefs or concern when it came to others than themselves?

I am not going to do every character, just ones of larger name/importance. You are welcome to request that I include certain characters in this review blog if you think they should be covered. But please, do so on my talk page and not in the comments. :) (Characters currently not to be covered: Any one-shot character, Ty Lee or Suki)


  • I will update this blog to target a character, and then you can comment your thoughts as to that characters morality.
  • Please don't discuss other characters until they are brought up here.
  • There are bound to be disagreements as these are very in-depth observations. Please don't become angry or insulting. :)
  • Discuss with one another the validity of their statements.


  • What is their belief on the importance of life?
  • Would they have (or have they) killed, or permanently injured/harmed, given the chance?
    • If they have made any attempts/successes, cite where and why, please :D
  • How do they treat others, morally? (Friends, enemies, strangers..whatever fits)

Wiki Reviewed Characters

If you feel a Wiki review doesn't fit the discussion involved, drop me a message.

Currently: Aang

None yet.

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