I need to address a little change for me; it won't change a lot for everyone, but it will make a difference for some users.

What this Blog is Not

  • This is not a goodbye blog.
  • This is not saying my activity will lessen.
  • I am not having a difficult time in life, on the contrary, things are quite well.

What this Blog is

I've become very busy lately, and it doesn't look like I will be having the amount of time required of me lighten up for a possibly long while. How long? Eh, I don't know. But as of the moment I am simply trying to divide my attention too many directions at once, so something has to give, and give, this will.

I am not leaving the wiki, nor is my activity as admin going to falter. However, I must cut back in areas that simply consume too much of my time. I will no longer go to IRC, unless there is immediate need of me. IRC and I simply do not mix when it comes to focus and activity, and removing that would give me more than a few hours of my time per day back to me.

I am also, regretfully, declaring that the speed at which my fanon chapters are being written are likely to not improve during this. I will continue to write it, but I simply cannot give it more attention like I had in the past. Allow me to give some explanation as to the level of attention required to write my chapters...

If any of you have ever written a transcript before, you know the amount of work necessary in that. Well, my chapters are transcripts, plus fanon content that is kept canonically accurate to allow coverages of the 'passage of time' and gaps therein. I also cover Katara's thoughts, simplest of actions and scenic descriptions, while trying to keep them "in her eyes" as far as activity level goes (trying to keep from saying a motion only another character would know/saw), etc. Really; it sounds so simple, but attempting to write this fanon-in-canon is extremely demanding. -- But I love it! Don't get me wrong. It's just the time required of me is conflicting with my life at the moment.

As of chapter 28, Eyes of Katara reached a total of 458 pages written, and 225,921 words. - Phew. ^^" I'm not done yet, though. As I declared a long time ago, I do intend on seeing EoK completed, but - I am sorry fans, it will be a slow go for the time being.

In Summary

  • IRC is out, unless for an as-needed basis.
  • I will still remain active on the wiki to perform the duties assigned to me.
  • You may reach me Privately if need be.
  • Eyes of Katara will continue; but at the pace of a crawl. Apologies...

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