I'm trying to find a good graphics editor. I rather like the one I have, but I'm wanting better. Let me say a few things on this:

First off, I can draw...much to my surprise, as I've only started developing my skill these last couple months. Example: Eyes of Katara

I drew that using a program that I've found I like very much; "Paint.NET" - it's a bitmap based graphics editor that's rather similar to PhotoShop. However, I'm wanting to step away from bitmap based graphics, because they're notorious for leaving bumpy edges, and scaling issues when resizing/etc issues.

The type of graphics I've looked into that does seem to show promise, is Vector based graphics. That's an awesome, powerful type of art. The lines that are drawn are made with complex math formulas, no I don't have to understand any of that to draw it. The program I've been using ... or attempting to use ... that allows that is "Inkscape". However, I'm having great difficulty producing anything of any worth with it. Definitely not like the image above! A lot of the issue is user error, probably, as the learning curve is a bit steep to enter it as opposed to Paint.NET / other bitmap editors.

That said, what program do you use or know of? Bitmap based, or vector based. Preferrably ones that don't break the bank or carry costs like PhotoShop. The two I mentioned are freeware, for example. I don't use pirated software. - - - OR, perhaps you have some tips for me. ...-shrug-... I've watched some tutorials and read some packaged tutorials, but Inkscape is still troublesome. Vulmen (talkcontribs) 06:25, October 10, 2010 (UTC)

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