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After many a time that content of articles or page names have fallen under fire, isn't it about time this information is documented on the page so that it is clearly referencing WHY said questionable material is there in the first place?

We currently have "Reference" tags that allow us to link internally or externally when sourcing the material we put on our pages. Well, it's about time we make more active use of it! But then what about the content that we cannot link? is gone, and information from art books or other such material is not on the internet to "reference" link to.

I am proposing that we get our facts together and get this information on the page in a clean, reference-like manner (template can be created for said purposes). Face it - the knowledge is old, and if we don't document the information that is known now - each day will be a greater risk of not knowing why a page has the information it does or is named what it is. An example would be Aang's armor - it was recently moved/challenged that it's name should not be Aang's Armor, considering Aang never purchased it. But it was countered that it appeared in an art book, sourced as such: "Aang armor and Sokka training outfit designs by Angela Muller" p141 art book." - however, this information is not saved anywhere...and even further interesting, The 888th Avatar is fully aware the page used to exist as Aang's Armor while was up. This information must be saved - before it is gone or forgotten.

For this to work we will need all of your support - when changes are made or when such information is known by you - that information would be most beneficial to help this wiki maintain a factual and accurate reputation, leaning away from uncertainties or questionable information found on our pages. We want to be as accurate as possible. Please provide your input here, whether you will try to help assist us in this matter or fully agree with it, or just any opinion. Vulmen (talkcontribs) 07:38, March 1, 2011 (UTC)

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