Courage got me replying why I like Katara the most on this blog, and I found that I was going to put a lot more than I desired to in a comment. (Also think of Water Spout's "favorites" blog too though) So, on a new notion, I decided to write even more and create a new "Analyze This" here we go! A character review for Katara.


We get to see this girl start off the series as an utterly weak waterbender, scraping at the bottom of the barrel in terms of skill. Even here, in this weak state, this gal is astounding. She's not even had the opportunity to observe waterbending in action, everything we see her do is one hundred percent created by her, down to streaming the water, her attempted wave, push and pulling the water, creating ice; of which she does in a variety of ways - exhaling a mist that freezes on contact, or using her wrists to perform the action as in The Waterbending Scroll. Plenty of other moves she's taught herself. She's also a very quick learner, eventually mastering the moves on the waterbending scroll despite initial failure, being her own instructor on keeping correct her motions. When she learns the art of healing it was by sheer accident - but that didn't stop her from picking up this talent On. The. Spot. Even so far as using this art intentionally just minutes after she did so - in order to heal Aang.

Katara waterbends

Katara honing her Waterbending

Upon meeting Pakku, she faces off with him - a master - and impresses even him with her waterbending skill, even in the face of having no formal training. It is after this she is granted her heart's desire to be taught the ways of waterbending. And boy does she ever! She soaks up knowledge like a sponge, a better student than more than half of this world. In just a matter of what, days? Weeks? The Siege of the North ensues and she shows off her hard work, becoming someone to be feared.

But she's still not had the time she needs to become all she can be. Due to her growing prowess and potential, Pakku entitles her a waterbending master himself before seeing her off. And here we get to see that despite Aang being able to upstage Katara in waterbending due to his innate skill, Katara has worked to the bone and has exceeded his power in waterbending tenfold - becoming his full-fledged waterbending instructor.

A question to bring up here is, should she really be said to be using "Southern Waterbending Style"? She's never even seen it! So should she be said to be using "Northern Waterbending Style", since Pakku taught her? Well what about her early years - and self-training afterward! Yeah; this gal's totally got a new style. Katara Style! ;)

But no now it's time to step away from her waterbending. She's got much more smarts than just that. At fourteen, she's Team Avatar's cook - having to make the most of what she has on-hand each day, she ensures that everyone gets to enjoy a warm meal rather than just eat whatever is lying onhand. She's great with first aid/health care, knowledgeable of how to tend to different types of wounds (She puts the canyon guide's arms in a splint & sling). She's great at sewing, mending to the clothing of Team Avatar as time progresses so they don't end up wearing rags. Let's not forget (as I failed to mention until French Froglegs reminded me) that she is also quite apt at aiding in childbirth, having participated in more than one prior to Serpent's Pass according to her. She sure can do a lot by age fourteen....


Thank you Bryke. She actually seems like a person to be taken for who she is rather than what just she looks like at face value, unlike so many other anime's and shows out there. UGH to all that stuff that just idolizes women and beats to death reality, over-exaggerating features and what-naught. This is not Katara. Yay! One big plus for me as I'm sick to death of that type.

The series starts with Katara in her obviously child-like innocence. Dressed from head to toe in a large blue Water Tribe coat for warmth due to her climate. To accentuate this quality of her further, her hair is adorable. At first sight, it may be a bit surprising to see "What's loopies? What on earth?" - then she also has a bun AND a long hair braid that reaches to her lower back. Over time, if the hair loopies threw you off at first, they grow on ya and show us just how much her looks serve to accentuate her personality. Building on who she is as a whole.

Momo frees Katara

Katara's initial Water Tribe outfit.

As the series progresses; so does she. We get to watch gradual, slow changes to her looks and outfit. First she loses her coat, revealing her Water Tribe outfit: a light blue kimono-like tunic with slits starting at her hips for ease of leg movement. Below this; she's wearing dark blue pants that stretch down and cover her feet (watch "The Fortuneteller" and see her without her shoes on..or click here - though the picture is odd it shows.). She's often wearing a long-sleeve shirt beneath her kimono as well. Her shoes reach to her ankle, appear to be made of a leather-based material, and are fur-lined by her ankles. Something I notice that I call attention to here...why do we not see this dress at the 'V' of her dress by her neck? We should. There are some scenes that 'V' is low enough we very well and truly SHOULD see it. So, that's an oversight on the artists/animators part. This is the case the entire series. (Well, while wearing this.) After all this; there's one article of clothing she's wearing that is kept closest to her heart; her necklace. A dark blue choker that adorns a carved, light blue stone. This stone has intricate detailed lines carved into it representing the Water Tribe insignia.

Her swimwear was just plain unexpected - at first sight, I'm sure it raised many people's eyebrows. "What on earth is she wearing?" Personally; I love it. Who knew wraps could look stylish and serve as swimwear? Well, they're called a "Sarashi" - word of advice, don't google it. It looks good on Katara, but not elsewhere. Regardless; one thing I really admire about it is, she can get out on the water and have some fun - and look very morally decent doing so, while still remaining attractive. It is not a flashy outfit that just begs for attention (again; thank you Bryke. That is not her personality to wear such things.)

In Siege of the North, Katara's engaging battle with Pakku becomes so physically taxing her hair falls out of its styling loosely around her. I really rather prefer this look on her; her hair down is probably where many saw she had potential to look much more attractive than she was keeping herself. (Which is admirable. As well. As I mentioned before her prior looks were good.) Bryke have stated in commentaries that they prefer Katara's hair down and rather enjoyed taking the opportunity of getting her to do so. xD (Notice it happened in both book 1 and 2 finales. I'm excluding other scenes where she did so willingly.)

Personally I didn't like her Earth Kingdom outfit much in Book 2. I'm not a big fan of make-up and over-doing that, she had a lot of make-up on there. And that was a lot of eye-shadow. Katara loved it though; however thankfully it's not her style. She likes it sure; but on rare occasion when the situation calls for it. And it did.

Her Fire Nation outfit was very nice, although a bit flashy. But she pulls it off very well. It's this stage that we see the full effects of her maturing from that childlike girl we saw at the beginning of the series; on her way to the woman she will become. She's wearing Fire Nation jewelry (a red, gold-trimmed necklace that holds what seems to be a ruby at its center [She no longer wears her blue necklace, as it would give her away], and golden armbands), has a red halter top with a single shoulder-strap, with dark brown loose-cloth pants and a red knee-high skirt over it (slitted at sides as per her older fashion). - And brown sandals.

It's here she's changed her hair style, altering it permanently. Her hair is in a top-knot with a gold band holding it in place, a red jewel at its front for style. She's donning as close a replica replacement to her signature hair loopies as she can get in the Fire Nation - a gathered, loose layer of her hair hanging over the front of both her shoulders. The rest of her hair is hanging loosely behind her back. It's here that she appears to take a liking to this new feel, never again putting her hair into a braid even when returning to her Water Tribe outfit.

In the finale; she's changed clothing and hairstyle yet again. She's wearing a light green Earth Kingdom dress (literal dress. This time) with golden trim just behind pure white edges. Beneath this dress she's wearing a white skirt; as seen from slits in the dresses' side (a fashion style she adores), which this time start at her knees rather than hip. Her legs are not visible this time. She is not wearing her blue Water Tribe necklace. Her hair has altered such that it is no longer in a hair bun, nor braid. She still has hair loopies; but nothing like they used to be. The two loops reach behind either side of her head to connect beneath a beautiful pink flower in full blossom - just like her appearance.


This is the core of Katara. While she herself may claim waterbending defines who she is, as it is a part of her culture and her life, she's wrong (something she's not immune to - being wrong). Waterbending indeed stakes a high claim in who she is and builds upon her personality, empowering her to live the way she wants to. But truly it's her passionate nature that defines her, which when you flip the tables is what defines her waterbending.


We get to see her at the start of the series; she's weak and somewhat timid, having never been involved in a battle of her own and (possibly) only seen one battle in her life - of which she spent it running, the outcome being her mother's death. She's afraid of the fire that these firebenders bring to the table. Despite her fear, she stands up to guards and attempts to mimic an intense tsunami move dealt by Aang during the Avatar State. She fails, and grows even more horrified as the guards close in on her, but this heightened fear does not block off her will to proceed - netting her success.

With time and practice, she begins to shed this fear of battle. It is here she inspires battle and readily participates in it as she can, which is only through the help of Aang, but she does not flee. Even following this, we see the finality of this fear crumble away when she faces pirates. At first, she's terrified being up close and personal with them, but hardens her will that she will not back down from this challenge and successfully strikes back with a water whip (performing for the first time). It's after this she has let go of this innate fear of battle, especially noted via The Great Divide - she heads off canyon crawlers with willful skill, not backing down from these beasts as others depend on her aid for their wellbeing (She distracts & saves Sokka, she chases off two attacking Gan Jin, etc..) - Note that she readily watches to help others with this skill of hers.

Upon meeting Pakku she expects to be welcomed with open arms, as she has an immense love for waterbending and sees no reason that she is not a part of it. However, upon her rejection, she fiercely voices her standpoint that she deserves as much a chance at learning as any other. This falls on deaf ears, leading her to stand her ground and challenge the master she had preferred to look up to. It should be noted that he went easy on her, but grew steadily tougher as he realized she was much more than some novice that couldn't hold her own water. By the end of their fight, Pakku realized he couldn't just toy around with her and bring her to submission, he would have to enact a serious waterbending move to shut her down. And even with that, she refused to sit back and stop! Her nature is to not accept defeat or failure; there is no other option other than getting through a trial lying before her.

Now it's game-time for Katara. She's not playing around any more when it comes to battle - if anyone engages her in combat they had best be ready to defend themselves, as she will bring her potential to bear on them. And with her on duty; if someone makes Aang their target, they had best be aware of the defensive waterbending raring to take them down. Hard. At this stage in her battle prowess, nobody touches those she cares about freely. Nobody.


Katara attacks Jet

Katara attacks at first sight.

Flaw: Judgmental. And very much so. Yes, she watches those around her - and if they are out of line; she doesn't like it. She imposes high morals on those she keeps close to her. Toph's antics of thievery greatly irritate her; spreading the joy of theft to both Aang and Sokka for the sheer purpose of monetary gain. No justice is involved in the continued, repeated acts of cheating. Then there's Jet; and she has good reason to be mad at Jet yes; but the interesting thing to note is how she attacked him on sight before he could get a word out the next time they met. Her judgment of him was fierce and unforgotten to the degree of malice.

Flaw: Pride. And boy does she ever have it. This side of her rears its head many a time through the series. She holds waterbending and fellow waterbenders on a high pedastel, admiring her culture to the letter. When discovering pirates had harmed this culture, stealing a waterbending scroll "From a real waterbender!" - she was enraged. Her sense of pride in who she was as a waterbender ignited, leading her to steal their scroll. Further pride is when she lays her foot down against an entire culture - the culture she thought she could trust - at the Northern Water Tribe.

Flaw: Having led an authoritative role ever since her mother's passing, practically running the family as well as tribe at an early age, this leadership/mothering side of her has emerged. This nature brings her to be overbearing at times. If she feels that someone has stepped out of line; she will correct them. Despite viewers saying that this side of her is most visible with Aang, it is most visible with Toph and Sokka. She displays just how much this is a part of her in numerous episodes, such as "The Great Divide", where she's informing Sokka of his failure to set up the tent properly, despite the lack of true need to do so. Another would be "The Chase", where we see her informing Toph that she should pitch in with the rest of the group and actually do something to aid the whole rather than the one. When challenged at her suggestion, she more adamently displays that what she is saying makes sense (to her), and should really be followed to help everyone else. Further dismissal and she's now infuriated. (This happened in both ep's with Sokka & Toph) - If anyone wishes to use "The Runaway" as an example to this quality toward Aang; (when she snaps at him to straighten up/etc) that single moment of the episode actually disturbs me as it seems to have been a joke forced upon her by the writers in reference for how some viewers say she is the mother of Aang. Just watching that portion feels terribly out of character for the sheer purpose of a laugh. I'm not laughing.


How else do we start the show? She's mad about some sexist thing ranted off by her brother! Isn't it just interesting? We start book 1 with her mad about that topic, then we end book 1 with her seriously peeved about the very same thing. Hah. And so strong of her; despite an entire culture being based off of this segregating notion to belittle women, she raises her feminine voice and shouts it to the rooftops, telling them just how stupid that is to their faces.

Everyone has a right to a chance of peaceful life. Her very nature believes this - and it has no twisted exceptions. When other's lives are at stake or lying in defeat, she yearns for them, even when they themselves do not. Throughout the series; this side of her does not change, seen in Imprisoned when she gets herself imprisoned for this purpose, and again later in The Painted Lady when her heart goes out to a small village living on polluted waters. Now; should we count Yon Rha, Zuko and Azula as exceptions to this, breaking this side of her? Not according to her.

With Azula the situation was life or death - freedom or failure. She made every blow count, and had Azula not moved in time she would have found herself severely injured or more than likely; dead (Katara cut her hair with water). Then with Zuko; if he had not joined in that fight on Azula's side, Aang would not have died. She attributed Aang's death to Zuko; as well as his trickery at fooling her to trust him. This dual-sided blow led her to believe Zuko was the traitor among traitors; and saw no reason to give him any mercy. If not for her trust in Aang, Zuko would never have made it into the group. She was quite serious that if he made one move to harm one (non-existent) hair on Aang's head, he wouldn't have a head left. With Yon Rha; her intentions at that time was for him to hear her out and feel her full hurt and wrath. She tried to kill him, but couldn't - not finding it in her to do so. However, following this, her choosing to let him live was not sympathy or mercy; it was torture. She could see he was a washed up shell of a man, not even worth lifting a hand to destroy. He was the bottom of the barrel, pathetic. This in turn saved him. Had he shown her any hostility or fought back; she would very likely have killed him.

Determination. No matter what she faces, she sees it through to the end. Even in the face of failure - The Waterbending Scroll - she teaches herself the water whip despite facing embarassment and failure in her first attempts. She's determined to do it, and she will succeed.

Honesty and good-heartedness. She is generally accepting of everyone she encounters, ready and willing to welcome most anyone into her heart, even if they are Fire Nation - and even early on. (She felt mournful for "Innocent lives" of a Fire Nation colony) If you want to be on her good side, show her you deserve it. Don't lie to her, especially on a personal matter that can affect her or those around her. Be upfront and honest with her and she will readily return the favor.

Considerate. For those around her; she cares for how they feel, and listens. If they are hurting over something she wants to know, she wants to help. Countless times we see her do so with Aang. But not just him, Toph as well - even with that coming off totally harsh and incorrect many times, she has the best wishes for her at heart. Think of "The Runaway", by the end of the episode Katara is hand-writing a letter at Toph's request for her to send to her parents. Something else of interest; in her time at the North Pole, Katara nearly gives up any hope for waterbending for the sole purpose to allow Aang to press forward. She's even ready to apologize to Pakku for her behavior (watch again, she admits she will apologize). It's only when Pakku snubs her to her face that her fury kicks in for the sexist injustice of the situation.

Humble and longsuffering. Contrary to her strong-minded demeanor, she can be very slow to wrath and courteous, especially when she knows the person is suffering. When Aang specifically shouted at her in the desert, thrusting his staff directly into her face, rather than become upset over his directed rage, she displayed hurt. A sympathetic hurt, knowing he was hurting deeply.

Trusting and hopeful. And this is a large factor of who she is. Once she puts her faith in someone, it's there. It's strong. She expects no less than to see her trust and faith not be let down. Her hope carries her through the hardest of times, desiring to see the best out of situations and get to brighter days, attempting to share this faith that all will be better with those around her.

Many many more angles could be observed.


Zuko: Very dynamic, very interesting. At first she doesn't see him as anything except a Fire Nation soldier, someone to be disliked and hated. However as he continued to chase them around and show up in the darndest of locations, burning towns to get to Aang and trying to bribe her with her most cherished belonging, among many other feats, she grew to despise the name by the end of book one. So much so she didn't care leaving him to freeze to death after defeating him. If it weren't for Aang, Zuko would have never made it past book one. Then by the end of season two, she realizes that perhaps there really was a soft heart behind that hard exterior; when he opened up to her that he had lost his mother as well. She felt remorse, hoping to see the good in him come shining through and attempted to help the good come out. However, when he turned on them just a minute after she had provided him her faith, she found him to be nothing more than a traitor among traitors. Their reuniting afterward was the most horrifying in the season; nothing but disdain and hate for his very presence. Zuko was a very smart man for not saying a word to her during her rage; as Katara was very well at the breaking point.

Thankfully; this rage subsided after his efforts to restore her faith in him. She was able to let go her anger; which was one hundred percent released without a lie. When she says something; she means it, whether it be for the worst or for the best. As when he attacked Aang after her forgiveness; she was not ready to believe Zuko meant Aang harm, but expected there to be some reasoning behind his madness - and there was. This is a prime example of her being true to her word, having forgave him. Had she not; the first reaction would have been much more spiteful.

Following this; he requests her to showdown with Azula. This is something she's glad to accept, ready and raring to put Azula in her place.

Toph: The two have a water and oil relationship at times, which can be very entertaining to watch. ("I'm completely calm") Toph has a knack for getting beneath Katara's skin, considering that she doesn't give a hoot to having someone expect anything out of her. Despite this, Katara sees right through Toph's external wall she puts up, seeing the fragile girl behind the spiteful behavior. Much to Katara's nature, she calls out on that side of Toph, coaxing her out of her shell at the opportunities she can claim. In doing so, she can irritate Toph, but in the end Toph obviously is glad for Katara's attention. This can be seen when the two go out on a girls' day, massages and saunas and makeup. Due to this proximity that Katara draws on her, Toph actually opens up to Katara very much and shares close, personal details, ranging from her pain at inability to see how she looks, to guilt for running away from home.

Sokka: Come on, we've all seen it. The two fight like cats and dogs before turning around and shaking hands (metaphorical, all of this). One thing I find highly interesting is that, on the series we see Katara beat on Sokka a bit - throwing sticks off his head, slurrybending him to the ground, etc. Never once do we see him lay a finger on her (am I mistaken?) - he's that nice a guy like that; and loves his sister to death. That and something else I find interesting, we, the viewers, laugh when we see Katara strike Sokka in rage (Sister/Brother war); but if it was reversed and Sokka struck Katara; a majority of viewers would find that abusive. Odd, isn't it?

Katara rests happily

Katara picking on Sokka

It's wondruous that even their brother/sister relationship grows as the series progresses, rather than just remaining where it is. They share deep love and understanding for one another, often looking out for the other when it is needed most. Such as The Great Divide, when Sokka was fleeing from canyon crawlers; without a moment to lose Katara (who was not proficient in waterbending at the time) threw her all into striking the chasing beast away from her brother. Though they often get on one another's nerves, and sometimes lie, they have an underlying trust and bond that does not risk being broken. This is seen in The Painted Lady, when Sokka is furious with Katara's behavior, but in the end he supports her decision whole-heartedly to see it through to the end. He even defends her when the townsfolk become enraged she posed as their spirit, even so much to dictate they should be down on their knees thanking his sister.

The intense growth we see closer to the end, is when Katara accidentally overhears Sokka's private discussion with Toph. Here we learn that Sokka loves his sister so much; her face has completely replaced his memories of their mother, despite the fact that he is a year older than her, so could have known their mother for longer.

Jet: Astounding! Painful. Tragic. All these things and more. She fell for Jet on first sight, and engrossed herself in this infatuation so greatly that she denied much of her own reasoning in the process. She blindly followed his every request, actually taking his advice over her brother's and putting Sokka down for his disdain for Jet. In the end, this cost her. Hard. He played her easily, seeing that her waterbending potential could be of use to him with his plots.

Upon falling for his plan completely, her world shattered when she found out just how wrong she had been. Jet's words to her in reasoning were actually very poorly chosen. After having said before that Sokka had apologized, he now brings up that he thought her brother would understand, but...and leaves her imagination to fear what has become of her brother. After this, he deliberately attacks Aang right in front of her, further settling that he was twisted as to whom he considered were enemies. When Aang falls to the ground, wounded, she wastes no time and has no care for suddenly striking Jet without him realizing the blow was coming. Regardless; even frozen to a tree he still manages to have her prior aid bite her, destroying a town full of peaceful citizens beneath the waters power. Thankfully, however, Sokka shows up and they escape - Katara gladly leaving Jet frozen to the tree. A fitting pun here is, her heart had grown cold to him: he had drawn a heart of ice from her.

Their next meeting didn't go any more smoothly. It surely wasn't aided by the fact he was under hypnosis and bringing them away from their goal of discovering Appa. However, in doing so he led them straight to Appa, though endangering them all in the process. Only he took the brunt of the trickery, dying before her very eyes. Despite his wrongdoing in her life, she still mourned his passing - by no means did she wish Jet's life to have ended. This however, does not mean she completely forgave or forgot him still - as seen later at The Western Air temple - stating that her actions are not the same as his: "Jet attacked the innocent."

Flabbergasted Sokka

Katara surprised at the new side of Aang

Aang: Mmmm hold on tight, this is going to be long. --- Also a very dynamic relationship. It starts out interesting from the get-go, where she admires his playful behavior due to just how much fun he brings to her prior saddened life. However, she views him as a playful little kid and not a love interest, much to his disappointment. She quickly takes to him as a brother, though a kinder brother than Sokka. Their relationship as this grows to friendship as this continues. Through her interpreting Aang as this, she wrote off many of his subtle signs at this eartly stage, not even thinking for a moment he could like her in a different way. She even viewed him as a Good person, well duh right? What I mean is The Great Divide opened her eyes a little to realize he was more than just a goofy, fun-loving kid. He had a serious side as well as a tenacity to do whatever it takes to get the job done - even settling a feud with an outright lie. His bursts of (A)anger and this lie were enough to see him a little bit differently, by the end of the episode openly showing her amusement in Aang's lie.

Their bond grew quickly beyond this time, having next heard more of his life and what drove him to be who he was now, and where he was now. That goofy little kid view of him began to fade. Though this didn't mean she considered him beyond more than a friend, she just realized there was more to him. It wasn't until she was accidentally triggered into this notion via a fortune, and Aang's performing his role as the Avatar, that she finally shed her view of deeming him simply a friend. Her view of him had changed, he was a duty-driven Avatar, outside of his time with a painful past, but still he managed to maintain a smile and find joy in life.

Sometime later, she began to develop a small crush on him - at least entertaining the notion of being with him. He had become a part of her after all their journey's, a friend closer than any other. She voiced this to him when he contemplated self-inflicting emotional turmoil on him, as the Avatar State was seen to be a painful thing for him, emotionally. Immediately after leaving this dire situation, she chanced her emotions with him in the Cave of Two Lovers. While she wasn't turned off after the fact, she was nervous and found other pressing matters deserved more attention than to be distracted with one another. As the very next thing they saw was the destruction of Omashu, claimed by the Fire Nation. They had to make haste if they were to end this war; or there wouldn't be anything left to save.

After Toph had joined the group; she actually grew jealous that Aang took to calling Toph a master almost instantly. Why not her? She supported him readily during his attempted earthbending, even so far as giving advice to Toph at how to treat Aang - because she had seen enough of him to know just how to get within his understanding and work with him closely where both enjoyed. It was during her encouragement of Aang, that she found warm joy, he had graciously addressed her as Sifu Katara.

She had been paying attention and was well aware by now that Aang had a crush on her. She hadn't made up her mind yet whether she would reciprocate this or wait a little longer; as the war only complicated matters for her - especially Aang's loss of Appa messing with his emotions. It was after this that he recovered Appa, returning to joyous wonder, and life in peace as the conspiracy ended, that she felt a certain assurety that this war was going to end. They had brought useful information for the Fire Nation to be defeated; and they had the entirety of Ba Sing Se and the Earth Kingdom backing them - they no longer had to feel so alone, facing a war bigger than them.

In this new light; Aang attempted to tell her his feelings. She knew what he was going to say, but still wasn't certain how to respond. Very likely she would have began a relationship with him, but starting small. However, this failed when Sokka burst the moment; much to her displeasure as his usual Sokka antics were. She ensured to give Aang a more welcoming kiss on his cheek this time, calm in her situation at Ba Sing Se; she could safely re-address this matter with him when he returned.

Aang dead

Katara holding Aang's lifeless body

But then the coup happened and Katara fell prisoner. The next time she saw Aang; he died.

Yeah; this scarred her. Having to watch a loved one die (yes, loved. Don't think of it as love love, but at the very least she did love Aang dearly - still, this meant no chance at even a possible relationship that she had been considering prior. The option was lost.) was something she had never had to do before; it was close, with her mother, but she hadn't seen this in person. She was there. This is a HUGE factor for just how emotionally destroyed she became following this. Not just that, but all the peace she had welled up within her over the possible end of the war shattered to oblivion; the Earth Kingdom falling as she fled with a near-lifeless Aang.

She became deathly protective of Aang here, and shown all the tell-tale signs of a smitten girl, even so far as demanding her privacy with Aang in front of her father. Though this also had to do with her disdain for his deserting her before. When Aang ran away; she was crushed, he had just gotten better and he she lost him, again. Somehow (Come on Bryke, this is awful advantageous...) they found him washed up on an island, where they reunited.

What do we see next? She's really attached to Aang now. She grows jealous upon seeing him share the dance floor to a young On Ji; responding to Sokka's saying they look good together with "Eh. If that's what you like." Yet, as if Aang sensed her desires, he approaches her and offers his hand. This welcome threw her off; nervously failing to accept, before he convinced her to go with him. She grew further nervous when everyone in the room ceased their dancing to stare at the two of them; as if the two had lit the dance floor with their presence. However, this fear melted away when Aang romanced her; something she hardly was expecting from him.

She still held back from starting any relationship with him; though she knew it was him she desired. Yet they continued expanding their friendship during this time, building the trust and understanding of one another (The Painted Lady, Nightmares and Daydreams) - up to the point that, at the final moments before separation on the invasion, Aang abruptly kissed her. Bad timing. She welcomed it readily; but it wasn't pleasant now wondering if they would meet again.

After this was defeat; most everyone she cared for and called friend or family was captured, leaving them to flee a hasty retreat - alone. But someone else came, Zuko. Her emotions and memories tore her, not wanting Zuko anywhere near Aang. However, Aang had placed trust in Zuko, allowing him in - and as such Katara caved, supporting Aang in this choice.

It wasn't until he kissed her again at the ember island players that she addressed their prior kiss; informing him that she was an emotional wreck and would rather put off the relationship a little longer. She however, did not voice a driving factor of her fear; his possible death. (Consider their last conversation before he left to face Ozai. Then consider her talk with Zuko before facing Azula. Z: "What if he loses?" - She states her absolute faith with - "He won't lose. He's gonna come back." But then she hesitates, looking away. "He has to.." - She continues to deny herself the fear she won't see him again, nor that he may fail.)

It wasn't until the battle was over, and peace was restored, that she found peace and calm of mind to properly begin a relationship, this time approaching Aang directly herself.



Creative: 5/5
Believable: (Beyond 5)/5
In Character: 5/5

Okay, so, she starts out weak gets good then is I am simply astounding? Sure; just saying that alone sounds like it could happen anywhere. But it was done with such twists along the way it was very well displayed to the viewers, we actually got to watch her grow up and enhance herself to what she became, little by little. Beautifully done.


Creative: (Beyond 5)/5
Believable: 5/5
In Character: (Beyond 5)/5

As said before, I applaud Bryke on not making her a stereotypical "Model", but making her more human and innocent. Beyond that, I also add that her looks accentuate who she is, not simply dropping the ball there. Masterfully done.

Battle Personality

Creative: 5/5
Believable: (Beyond 5)/5
In Character: 5/5

Wicked. Awesome. Exciting. Breathtaking. Re-watch it again good. What more need I say? Girl's got skill.


Creative: 5/5
Believable: 5/5
In Character: 5/5

I personally loved even her flaws, it truly helped define who she was. Not just that, but I agree with them! The things that troubled her, I share trouble with. I agree with the thievery, I agree with the mistrust, with morality, all of that.


Creative 5/5
Believable 5/5
In Character 5/5

I can't knock a point anywhere for her behavior. Sure; one could say "Cliche gal/she's full of hope" - but that's just not doing her justice. She may have hope but she's got a heck lot more areas than that just begging for notice. She is a very well developed character.


Creative: (Beyond 5)/5
Believable: 5/5
In Character: (Beyond 5)/5

Yeah, none of the relationships were forced on her. The dynamics involved with each character had astounding depth added to it, and each relationship only built upon her character and their character further in the process. These people (Bryke/etc) KNOW what they're doing!

Overall 5/5

Yeah, kinda getting old to say, isn't it? I'd say over 5, but that's just silly, I guess. I'll just keep it 5..


So, that's my review of the character Katara. If you haven't figured it out by now (this probably means you're new to the wiki.), she's my favorite character. By far. Beyond all the others.

So, what's on your mind after reading this? (Did you really read all that? It was immense.)

Do you agree? Do you disagree? Find something glaring I made a mistake on? Like her for a different reason I failed to mention?

What's in your wallet? (Capital One quote)

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