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  • Vulmen

    Katara - Weeks of Despair

    November 5, 2011 by Vulmen

    There are numerous times in the series Katara has really lost her cool; but really, those times aren't as many as people seem to believe. Specifically I am focusing upon Book 3. The first thing we see of her is her being rude to her own Father. "Why the hate?" Some must think. I'll just focus on that for this blog.

    She was being testy with him. She shouldn't have been, no. The series also didn't exactly show a lot of why she felt that way, but just left hints in places to imply what was wrong with her emotionally. Honestly I think part of this was for shipping purposes (to keep 'Zuko' open for viewers). Another reason was time...they didn't have the time to focus an episode on Katara's feelings. It just wouldn't be necessary.

    A lot hinged on w…

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  • Vulmen


    October 18, 2011 by Vulmen

    I need to address a little change for me; it won't change a lot for everyone, but it will make a difference for some users.

    • This is not a goodbye blog.
    • This is not saying my activity will lessen.
    • I am not having a difficult time in life, on the contrary, things are quite well.

    I've become very busy lately, and it doesn't look like I will be having the amount of time required of me lighten up for a possibly long while. How long? Eh, I don't know. But as of the moment I am simply trying to divide my attention too many directions at once, so something has to give, and give, this will.

    I am not leaving the wiki, nor is my activity as admin going to falter. However, I must cut back in areas that simply consume too much …

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  • Vulmen

    Converting Conflict to Calm

    October 7, 2011 by Vulmen

    Just recently over on the main community wikia, a blog was created that discussed behavioral patterns regarding new users that have made bad edits, as well as vandals. The blog covers possible thought processes behind these random edits, and how best to react to them.

    Personally I find a lot of it to be very truthful, and have witnessed a good deal of it firsthand myself. It makes for a solid and informative read, I will supply the link right here: Converting Conflict to Calm, by Sannse.

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  • Vulmen

    Welcome to another analysis blog! This one I will be running a little differently. I'm going to start each round 'barren', and you guys can help fill in the missing details and I will update the blog accordingly. I'll participate, but usually after others do.

    I'm making this blog as a "Discussion grounds" for a deep look into character morality and choices. Please follow only the rules and discussion laid out in this blog, it will help keep things in order for the analysis to progress. - Are the characters really as moral or immoral as one would think? Did they make mistakes, what was their beliefs or concern when it came to others than themselves?

    I am not going to do every character, just ones of larger name/importance. You are welcome to requ…

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  • Vulmen

    TSW -:- Zuko

    April 8, 2011 by Vulmen

    Just like before; this blog has a focus that I would like participants to adhere to. This blog series, The Shipping Wars (TSW), is meant to house discussion regarding a the current blog's topic. If other topics are desired, they can be suggested on my talk page.

    Rules: Don't bash one another! I will do what is needed to keep order here; though according to my last blog it doesn't look like it was a problem. Anyway, the key rule is just Debate! Have fun! And stay on topic to the requested character! Yes dragging other ships into discussion is possible because they may be relevant to affecting said ship. But deep insights for said ships should be held for a different blog.

    Note: A debate is not a debate if you don't discuss with other users! So,…

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