As many of you know by know, Mae Whitman voiced Katara in Avatar: The Last Airbender. In a recent interview with IGN, she talks about how she would come back to do a voice on the The Legend of Korra. Here's the question asked by IGN followed by Mae's response:
IGN: Lastly, our readers are also huge fans of the Avatar series. Is there any possibility that you might come back to record for The Legend of Korra at some point, too?
Whitman: I'd say, definitely. Those guys are all my friends. We're cut from the same cloth, and I'm obviously a huge fan of that as well. I love that the fans are so passionate about it. And going to Comic-Con and seeing people dressed up as Katara just makes me so happy. I'm also glad there's a new story to follow. I know it probably wouldn't be Katara, but if there was any way I could be a part of that -- and I think it's on their radar that I'm really passionate about all their projects -- I wouldn't be surprised if I somehow weaseled my way onto that show as well.

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