-here we go, first Blog- "fingers crossed"

does anyone else feel the season finale was cheap and sort of a disappointment?

I mean I remember the First season of Avatar's Finale, simply stunning and amazing, it didn't resolve jack.

yet this one feels rushed, and hurried. I mean I think it's awesome that Korra got her bending back, but it felt like a really, really, REALLY bad cheap shot. I think if they had her re-learn the elements the show would have more open doors than they know what to do with. I could feel the potential right then and there, SO much could be done at that point. yet, it was like a kid movie (yes, i am aware of the show's audience) but speed up into an hour, literally. and Amon's ending? it didn't feel like much of a grand show, this wasn't the great character we had seen over the past episodes. well, now, now we have a show with most of the questions closed. I hope the Equalists will rise again, seeing as how they are what really made Korra stand out from it's previous installment. sure this wasn't supposed to be the great "Aang Vs. Ozai" quality, but come on, all that hype? for such a small meal. I mean I was ESTATIC, like nothing else in the world was grabbing my attention! (not even Deus Ex Human Revolution which i should return come to think of it) however, the ending really kinda bruised my enthusiasm. TnT

The romance was amazing, except for the fact the Asami was hurt on both ends by her father and Mako. note he never breaks up with her, and instead is now with Korra (is that cheating? anyone got a rulebook?) O .o

the effects were great but i feel that is ALL what saved this finale, other than some new vehicles and characters.

literally, if you take this, i believe it would just be a story all its own : (

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