• Vipercool

    -here we go, first Blog- "fingers crossed"

    does anyone else feel the season finale was cheap and sort of a disappointment?

    I mean I remember the First season of Avatar's Finale, simply stunning and amazing, it didn't resolve jack.

    yet this one feels rushed, and hurried. I mean I think it's awesome that Korra got her bending back, but it felt like a really, really, REALLY bad cheap shot. I think if they had her re-learn the elements the show would have more open doors than they know what to do with. I could feel the potential right then and there, SO much could be done at that point. yet, it was like a kid movie (yes, i am aware of the show's audience) but speed up into an hour, literally. and Amon's ending? it didn't feel like much of a grand…

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