This is my 3 and last blogpost on the season finale. I'm going to explain my views on the identity of Amon.

Over the course of the series i've had many thoughts about who Amon could be. First I thought it was Ozai, because he'd want revenge (but he is too old). Then Aang. And then the man who gave Korra the hint about the equalist weapon factory under Sato mansion (this is still someone to consider!!).

However, now I'm back to Aang. PLEASE DO NOT STOP READING AT THIS POINT, HEAR ME OUT. Now I know what you all are going to say: Korra is the avatar, so Aang must be dead (this has allways been the only argument people seem to use, and now I am going to explain a way around it).

What I think the loophole could be: Energybending. No other avatar has ever been able to do it. So that's immediately where the problem lies. What if the avatar became corrupted by the person he/she was trying to energybend (this is a possibility, think of what the lionturtle said). What would the effect be on the entire avatarcycle? Something which has allways bothered me is the assumption that the avatar fights for 'good', what if the avatar decided to fight for 'evil' (or was a criminal before hid/her new identity was revealed)? So if Aang got corrupted by someone, he changes sides to the wrong side. It think the universe would compensate for this by creating a new avatar (no one knows, beacause it's unique).

In my opinion this is what the next episode is all about (skeletons in the closet). It is revealed that Aang is not dead, but got corrupted by a failed attempt at energybending. This would explain his ability to take away someone's bending with energybending (only the avatar can ever do this, this was confirmed by the makers), and why on several occasions it appeared he was bending (firebending in airship, Korra failing to reach that airship, Amon apparently airbending when jumping though a cloud and resisting bloodbending).

So this is my theory on the identity of Amon. I've tried to keep it short and understandable. Please comment (in a sensible way please, and none of the Aang is dead because Korra is here ;) ) and tell me what you think.



Part 1 is here:

Part 2 is here:

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