Ok, so part 1 was about the role I think Asami is going to play in the last episodes. These are some more theories (some very obvious):

  • Korra is going to enter the avatarstate (duhhhh)
  • Mako and/or Bolin is going to lose their bending.
  • Hiroshi Sato is going to side with the Avatar (it looked like he had some doubts in the last episode by the looks in his eyes). This is kind of conflicting with my earlier theory concerning Asami (so I think it's either this, or Asami betrays Korra). I think Hiroshi's love for his daughter might cause him to take down some equalists, possibly even Amon though not likely (maybe because they are threatening Asami).
  • Amon is going to die. Korra is going to defeat him, and since he has no bending to take away (coming back to that, let's just asume he is telling the truth for now) there is only one way to stop him. I don't think she is going to kill him 'directly', but more in a way like Kyoshi stopped Chin.
  • Something that has been in the back of my mind: When Toph was captured, she invented metalbending. So now that Lin is captured, I think she might find a way to remove Amon's bendingblock and get (some of) her bending back. This is very unsure, but I hope it happens, I like Lin.

I'll end it here, so you don't have to read so much. Later in the evening I am going to create another blogpost on the identity of Amon. Stay tuned!

Please tell me what you think.

p.s.: Part 1 is here:

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