Hello everybody,

My first blogpost. Oh joy!

I decided to write something on my thoughts about Asami in the upcoming episodes. I think Asami will have an important role in the season finalle. Asami seems to be becoming increasingly concerned about Korra's and Mako's feelings for each other. My theory is that these feelings are going to be exploited by Amon/Hiroshi/equalists to betray Korra. I feel that they are going to try to convince her that she has no chance with Mako, because Korra is a bender (the Avatar no less) and has more to offer. Asami might realise that the only way to get Mako is to get rid of Korra, so she makes a deal to deliver Korra to Amon so she can have Mako (with bending).

As much as I don't like this theory, it is what I think could happen. Remember Korra gets captured along with Mako (when they are supposed to be in hiding) to have their bending taken away by Amon.

Please let me know what you think of my little theory.

p.s. I am not a makorra shipper, I believe Korra should remain just Korra for now.

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