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    This is my 3 and last blogpost on the season finale. I'm going to explain my views on the identity of Amon.

    Over the course of the series i've had many thoughts about who Amon could be. First I thought it was Ozai, because he'd want revenge (but he is too old). Then Aang. And then the man who gave Korra the hint about the equalist weapon factory under Sato mansion (this is still someone to consider!!).

    However, now I'm back to Aang. PLEASE DO NOT STOP READING AT THIS POINT, HEAR ME OUT. Now I know what you all are going to say: Korra is the avatar, so Aang must be dead (this has allways been the only argument people seem to use, and now I am going to explain a way around it).

    What I think the loophole could be: Energybending. No other avatar …

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  • Vincentius88

    Ok, so part 1 was about the role I think Asami is going to play in the last episodes. These are some more theories (some very obvious):

    • Korra is going to enter the avatarstate (duhhhh)
    • Mako and/or Bolin is going to lose their bending.
    • Hiroshi Sato is going to side with the Avatar (it looked like he had some doubts in the last episode by the looks in his eyes). This is kind of conflicting with my earlier theory concerning Asami (so I think it's either this, or Asami betrays Korra). I think Hiroshi's love for his daughter might cause him to take down some equalists, possibly even Amon though not likely (maybe because they are threatening Asami).
    • Amon is going to die. Korra is going to defeat him, and since he has no bending to take away (coming…
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  • Vincentius88

    Hello everybody,

    My first blogpost. Oh joy!

    I decided to write something on my thoughts about Asami in the upcoming episodes. I think Asami will have an important role in the season finalle. Asami seems to be becoming increasingly concerned about Korra's and Mako's feelings for each other. My theory is that these feelings are going to be exploited by Amon/Hiroshi/equalists to betray Korra. I feel that they are going to try to convince her that she has no chance with Mako, because Korra is a bender (the Avatar no less) and has more to offer. Asami might realise that the only way to get Mako is to get rid of Korra, so she makes a deal to deliver Korra to Amon so she can have Mako (with bending).

    As much as I don't like this theory, it is what I…

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