Prophecy BW

What I believe to be the icon image of the chapter, this picture conveys the prophetical war very nicely with the aligned troops and the mysterious background

Well, it looks like Flash has done it again. The most recent chapter of Avatar: Better World proved to be exciting, revealing, and a major cliffhanger. Here is my complete review of the chapter, as well as the long-awaited Sokka's Days chapter Sokka, Interrupted.

The Will of All Mankind - You'd never think in a million years that a seriously toned chapter completely about Sokka would be both convincing and taken seriously. But this installment proves otherwise. Not only do we get to dive deeper into Sokka's character; we also finally learn what Sokka's mysterious visions were all about.

The entire opening of this chapter was astounding. We see that Yino has left his mark on Sokka emotionally. The dream sequence itself -even though you knew it wasn't real- was thrilling. It makes me almost feel sorry for Sokka as I realize that the goofy, meat-loving, sarcastic guy has been replaced by nothing but a tortured and confused soul. His multiple visions are also crafted wonderfully; my favorite being the "puddle" sequence.

But what really made the chapter so good was the revelation that Sokka's visions are of an upcoming and catastrophic war. And that Sokka is the one chosen to stop it. Not Aang, Sokka. Oh, the irony. The comedic relief character who barely had a serious bone in his body is now given the task of saving the world. The idea of the apocalyptic war itself is also a great surprise, as we realize that the series isn't just about a few rebellious assassins as it once seemed to be about. And the revelation also puts the war itself into question. Who is responsible for this war? What connection does it have to the Wind Killers of Ozai? Is the Council of Five really going to start a coup? Looks like we'll have to wait to find out! And lastly, the grade. And though I did prefer Be Thou a Cain a bit more (it's my favorite BW chapter so far) it would be completely unfair not to give this chapter a solid A.

Sokka, Interrupted - What can I say about this chapter? It was hilarious! The chapter has a tone to it that reminded me of our own CoW specials. And, most importantly, we get to see Sokka at his normal character: sarcastic and goofy. This was a great transition to The will of All Mankind. My favorite part of the chapter was definitely the two goons thinking Sokka is homosexual. All in all, this was an A+ chapter from start to finish.

And now we can look forward to the exciting upcoming two part chapters for BW: Forgive me Lord... and ...For I Have Sinned (love the two titles!) :) I'll enjoy reviewing these two chapters when they are released. :D

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