Well, it's happening. The KR Book 1 finale is just a day from being released. It promises to be action packed and suspenseful, and full of many surprises. It's somewhat of a, you think that something's gonna happen, but then things turn the other way completely. This will also be the first chapter(s) to include many Production Notes too. FA is a goal here, and so is length and quality. The chapters promise to be long and don't give you many breaks (well, maybe a few, but during breaks they'll still be heaps of action in the background). This will also be a rare moment, Kai and I will be thirsty for reviews once the chapters are brought out.

Now that we're about a third of the way there, we hope that we still maintain all our readers and gain some more. We would also like to congratulate SuperFlash101 and The avatar for finishing the first parts of their series too, as Twilitlink and Firelord Hangh, who have already or nearly completed their first book too.

The Finale is now out. We hope to have many reviews. :)

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