Yeah, I know what you're thinking, what the hell is a "revoltathon"? Well, that is the name of our first ever Kyoshi Revolts marathon!

After being inactive for a few months, KR really began to die down due to my inactivity. I finally came back again in late February, and released Chapter 27. Now, to show that KR really has returned production, a small marathon of chapters will be released this weekend.

Here are some general spoilers for each chapters.

The Last Moment - The twenty-eighth chapter of the series. This will be the last humorously-toned chapter of the series. Basically, Kaila and Chen go on...wait for it, their first date. :O Trouble arises though, when Kambi's nephew falls in love with Kaila himself. And to make things even weirder, his nephew is eight years old!

Leaving a Utopia - The twenty-ninth chapter of the series. That's right, Kama is sick, with the deadly Purple Fever Virus! Never heard of it, good, because I made it up. :P Anyways, Kama is practically half-dying, and only a rare and faraway cure can save her.

Together, Chapter 28 and 29 will be released on Friday, March 12th.

The Conspiracy Within, Part 1 and 2 - The thirty and thirty-first chapter of the series. The events of Part 1 will test Kambi's leadership skills and even common sense. Meanwhile, Mina, Kaila, Chen, Ray, and Giu come across one of Mina's old enemies, all the way from Chapter 2. As for Chapter 31, this will be quite the action-packed chapter. There will be one very dark scene, something that will likely be very surprising, but no where NEAR as surprising as the conclusive ending of Chapter 31. Together, these two chapters are basically in equivalence to a season finale set of chapters.

Both chapters will be released on Saturday, March 13th. Now, you're probably wondering: "what about Sunday?". Well, that will be the day when Clash of Worlds 2, Part 2: Kyoshi Revolts is released. Yeah, a little late I suppose, but this will give Flash time to edit his and for me and Kai to complete our parts. Plus, it will be a humorous way to end a much more-serious mid-book finale.

Once this marathon concludes, KR will have taken on a drastic turn in both mood and plot. The silly, humorous first half of Book 2 have will be gone, and a new arc of action and Avatar training will commence. Starting in Chapter 32, a new villain will come out of the shadows. We can't tell you much about him yet, except for the fact that he's a pure evil Earthbender.

And lastly me and Waterkai feel obliged to thank two people. First of all, a big thanks to SuperFlash101 for designing and creating our promo-poster. We VERY much appreciate it. And thanks to The avatar for coming up with the marathon idea in the first place. And now, to conclude this blog post, a sneak peek of Chapter 31!!

Meanwhile, the members of Team Rebel arrive in the city. Ray and Giu run over the paved road to the palace, ecstatic to see Kambi again. Mina, Kaila, and Chen follow. However, when they reach Kambi's throne room, they only come across an empty chair and a slightly scorched ceiling. The scorch marks on the ceiling worry Ray, and she runs over to Kambi's private room, only to see even more scorch marks on the floor. Ray runs back to the throne room, and informs the kids that she thinks that their may be some unwanted visitors in the palace. Chen asks what she means by that, though Giu spots something even worse through the palace windows in the distance: a small armada of airships. The five kids dash out of the building, and their fears worsen when the city's emergency alarm sounds. Ray and Giu tell Mina, Kaila, and Chen to stay outside, while they find Kambi.

The Revoltathon has begun!

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