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After the release of four new chapters, KR's CoW2 part, and Flash's comics, the first ever Kyoshi Revolts marathon is over. Big thanks to SuperFlash101 for all his help, whether it was giving descriptive reviews or creating some funny and (in my opinion) very well done comic strips. We appreciate it. :)

When we left off, things weren't too good for the heroes. In fact, things were awful. The Rebel City is now officially conquered, and the Fire Nation has finally achieved absolute world domination. To make matters worse, Chen was critically injured by Mitsuki, and is in such a state where Ray can't heal him. Now, its up to Mina, Kaila, Giu, and Ray to get Chen safely over to New Ozai for medical help. But the city of New Ozai has problems of its own.

With their ruler currently absent, the city is a practical death trap for traitors and rebels. Upon finding out Chen's identity, any Firebender would kill him on the spot. The vicious Firebenders, however, aren't even the main obstacle that Team Rebel must overcome. Unfortunately for them, a powerful Earthbending serial killer is in the neighborhood, and he decides Mina will be his next victim. This Earthbender, still unnamed, will be added to the list of KR's "pure evil" villains (consisting of Mitsuki, Azula, and Yi).

To look on the bright side, the series will get a lot more exciting. The team now consists of not three, but five members. And yes - this addition is permanent. Could Ray and Giu joining the team finally give Mitsuki, Tam Mee, and Quanlee a run for their money? Maybe. Either way, a lot will happen in the upcoming second half of Book 2, so stay tuned.

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