Apparently some users, namely Piandao, are under the impression that my status as the Improvement Article Overseer is a position of higher power. I'm just going to say right now that that's, well, not true.

For those who don't know, this title was created when I founded the Improvement Article of the Week for the Ba Sing Se Times, I became an editor, and after 888 and I made a policy (mostly me, and 888 agreed with it) that I, or at times when I'm somehow absent, 888, would leave a personal thank you on a user's page after they helped out, and that they'd receive a certificate when the next Issue comes. A list of reasonable requirements was posted on the Ba Sing Se Times talk page, to which Matt and 888 agreed.

Now, this position is not at all a power position. I simply supervise the edits made to the page, and I thank users when they reach enough good contributions to the article per Improvement Article "policy". And no, I don't have the power to make any changes to the articles I want, as I do not own them (another misconception made by a user). This title is simply intertwined with my status as an Editor of the Ba Sing Se Times. By being the overseer, I myself have chosen not to thank myself, as that would be horribly tacky. So for all you users who think I'll abuse my "power" (there is none) that way, don't worry.

Do, that's pretty much all I have to say.

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