Okay, let me just get to the point. Before we knew that the merge would happen, me (Vaznock), Kai, and Flash started expressing interest over a special piece of fanon that would include every or many characters and concepts from just about all Avatar Wiki's fanon stories on IRC. In other words, we are thinking of creating a special in which characters from different stories will interact (both heroes and villains) and possibly end up in each others' different "worlds" (a.k.a. Lee Koisho, or more characters from Avatar: Better World could end up in the oppressed world where Kyoshi Revolts takes place). The special piece of fanon is being created solely for fun, and it is not at all mandatory.

In case fanon authors are concerned that they are going to have to update their fanon pages about this special, let me just say that this special would not at all be canon with our fanon. Now I'm sure many of you are puzzled by this phrase, so I'll describe it:

By being not canon with the fanon, I basically mean that this special is simply for entertainment and to kill off boredom, and is not to be considered part of anyone's story (we don't consider it to have ever happened).

So if any fanon authors want to join (I know at least Kai does, and probably Flash), just say so in a comment. We hope to have many sign-ups!

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