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January 6, 2009
  • Vaznock

    Yesterday, after two long months, Flash finally released the conclusion to the exciting two-parter titles Forigve Me, Lord, For I Have Sinned. And, as I promised him, here is a full blog review on both chapters. However, I would also like to use this blog to review three other chapters that were recently released: The Wall, Origins Part 1: The Lady of Death, and Ursa's Story.

    Forgive Me, Lord... ~ Well, the two-parter began with your typical Better World introduction: Lee doing something interesting. And boy, is it interesting. We see Lee is regretting the recent murders he has committed. From this, we see that he is not the murderous douchebag that his apprentice seems to be. Instead, he seems to be a lost individual, which makes you almos…

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  • Vaznock

    Well, it looks like Flash has done it again. The most recent chapter of Avatar: Better World proved to be exciting, revealing, and a major cliffhanger. Here is my complete review of the chapter, as well as the long-awaited Sokka's Days chapter Sokka, Interrupted.

    The Will of All Mankind - You'd never think in a million years that a seriously toned chapter completely about Sokka would be both convincing and taken seriously. But this installment proves otherwise. Not only do we get to dive deeper into Sokka's character; we also finally learn what Sokka's mysterious visions were all about.

    The entire opening of this chapter was astounding. We see that Yino has left his mark on Sokka emotionally. The dream sequence itself -even though you knew it…

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  • Vaznock

    After the release of four new chapters, KR's CoW2 part, and Flash's comics, the first ever Kyoshi Revolts marathon is over. Big thanks to SuperFlash101 for all his help, whether it was giving descriptive reviews or creating some funny and (in my opinion) very well done comic strips. We appreciate it. :)

    When we left off, things weren't too good for the heroes. In fact, things were awful. The Rebel City is now officially conquered, and the Fire Nation has finally achieved absolute world domination. To make matters worse, Chen was critically injured by Mitsuki, and is in such a state where Ray can't heal him. Now, its up to Mina, Kaila, Giu, and Ray to get Chen safely over to New Ozai for medical help. But the city of New Ozai has problems of…

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  • Vaznock


    March 10, 2010 by Vaznock

    Yeah, I know what you're thinking, what the hell is a "revoltathon"? Well, that is the name of our first ever Kyoshi Revolts marathon!

    After being inactive for a few months, KR really began to die down due to my inactivity. I finally came back again in late February, and released Chapter 27. Now, to show that KR really has returned production, a small marathon of chapters will be released this weekend.

    Here are some general spoilers for each chapters.

    The Last Moment - The twenty-eighth chapter of the series. This will be the last humorously-toned chapter of the series. Basically, Kaila and Chen go on...wait for it, their first date. :O Trouble arises though, when Kambi's nephew falls in love with Kaila himself. And to make things even weirder, h…

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  • Vaznock

    KR - What's gonna happen?

    February 26, 2010 by Vaznock

    I've noticed that Kai has put together a blog just like this on too. :) And now that the KR series has started up again, I'll give some of my input on how the series will go as well. ;)

    The story's evolution, for starters, will really take off after the first half of Book 2. The light, silly tales of Team Rebel in Kein Forest will be replaced by a very action filled second half. Book 3, as Kai as said, will be MUCH darker than its predecessor. It will contain much more violence, sorrow, emotion, and it will be much more graphic, especially in Chapter 47, which will be the darkest chapter in the entire series. The basis of the story in Season 3 will also be different than expected. The series will take a massive turn during Chapters 10 and 1…

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