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  • I live in Ottawa, Canada
  • I was born on November 28
  • My occupation is Student.
  • I am Male.
  • Vanja1995

    I've decided to rewatch all of Avatar, I haven't in a while, especially Book 1. I'll also post a list of which episodes I've liked the best so far, which will change as I go further into the show.

    1. 102 | The Avatar Returns | 100
    2. 101 | The Boy in the Iceberg | 100
    3. 106 | Imprisoned | 99
    4. 103 | The Southern Air Temple | 96
    5. 104 | The Warriors of Kyoshi | 89
    6. 105 | The King of Omashu | 84
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  • Vanja1995

    ATLA Film Reboot

    November 14, 2011 by Vanja1995

    Although it's very unlikely that a reboot or remake of the original series will be made, for at least fifteen years, we can still annalyze what made M. Night's adaptation a failure, and create our own versions of how the film should have been made, or how it should be remade.

    As much as we all love Avatar, it is far from a mainstream franchise, and is not known by virtually everyone like Star Wars, Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter. One needs not to have seen or liked Harry Potter to know what it is, because it is such a part of Western Culture. Sadly, Avatar's only representation in the real mainstream media has been M. Night Shyamalan's presentation, and undoubtedly, no studio would pick up a reboot right now. The difference between this, …

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