(Note:I do not know many of the tech names, so leave comments to help me.) Hi and welcome to a new segment here on Avatar Wiki. USER HELP! As I have noticed, many users want help on signatures. So I'm here to help. (Note:for all the where I put my username, put yours)

Basic Info

If you don't customize the signature (which many don't) the code would be this: [[User:VJavatar|VJavatar]]<small>([[User talk:VJavatar|talk]] [[Special:Contributions/VJavatar|contibs]])</small>and would show up like this:VJavatar(talk contibs).

Now if you wanted to change it, you would need a code, much like the one above. Here the code for mine:[[User:VJavatar|<font color="red">'''VJavatar'''</font>]] [[User talk:VJavatar|<font color="blue">'''The Last Wikibender'''</font>]]<small>([[Fanon:Azula's Revenge|AR]])</small>and it show up like this: VJavatar The Last Wikibender(AR). Here I'll show you!


Links are a vary simple way to get someone from one page to another. This page has a ton of them!(see what I did there) Now the way to this is by putting two of these things: [[ then add the name of article (a.k.a Katara) then put a bar (|) and finally add the text you want to be seen, and the add another two [[ .

Now your mist likely thinking, WHAT DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH SIGNATURES! Well to answer that question, I show you through an example. If you were to to just type in some text and not check the custom signature (i.e. if you were to type in I'm Awesome in the box and not check the box), it would show up something like this: I'm Awesome. And the code would be: [[User:VJavatar|I'm Awesome]]


The code is the most important part of the signature, without it, this is all for nothing. So a few things you need to know about them. There are two things you will need for a signature <small> and </small> . The <small> code will make the font after it small and the </small> will stop the font from being small. O.K GOT IT? Good, cause here's more!


Almost any user that has a costume signature has it in different colors. That is the best part. Now in order to use colors, you must use this code: <font color="red">'''VJavatar'''</font> . Now, you can choose any color that you want, if it is on this page. an example of a color you can't use are the types you would see in a croyola 100 pack. Hoped that help.

Now here some examples of costume signatures:


Spites are small pictures that users can put on their signatures. I'm not going into detail of the, but Courage is a master of them:

Avatar CourageOzai-sprite2Ozai-spriteSokka-spriteAang Sprite Season 3Katara Sprite Season 3Sokka Sprite Season 1Zuko Season 3Iroh Sprite OWL OutfitToph Sprite Season 2Appa SpriteMomo SpriteAzula SpriteTy Lee Sprite Normal OutfitSuki SpriteMai SpriteOzai Spirte The Final BattleAang Cosmic

And here's the code: [[user:Olórin The White|<font color= "black">Avatar Courage</font>]][[File:Ozai-sprite2.gif|1KB|link=Special:Contributions/Courage the Cowardly User]][[File:Ozai-sprite.gif|1KB|link=User talk: Courage the Cowardly User]][[File:Sokka-sprite.gif|1KB|link=Sokka]][[File:Aang Sprite Season 3.gif|1KB|like=Aang]][[File:Katara Sprite Season 3.gif|1KB|link=Katara]][[File:Sokka Sprite Season 1.gif|1KB|link=Sokka]][[File:Zuko Season 3.gif|1KB|link=Zuko]][[File:Iroh Sprite OWL Outfit.gif|1KB|link=Iroh]][[File:Toph Sprite Season 2.gif|1KB|link=Toph]][[File:Appa Sprite.gif|1KB|link=Appa]][[File:Momo Sprite.gif|1KB|link=Momo]][[File:Azula Sprite.gif|1KB|link=Azula]][[File:Ty Lee Sprite Normal Outfit.gif|1KB|link=Ty Lee]][[File:Suki Sprite.gif|1KB|link=Suki]][[File:Mai Sprite.gif|1KB|link=Mai]][[File:Ozai Spirte The Final Battle.gif|1KB|link=Ozai]][[File:Aang Cosmic.gif‎|1KB]]

O.K. that's it for now, come back in a while for help on User pages. VJavatar The Last Wikibender(AR)

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