With the recent unsucess of the movie version. Many users believe that if you just use this website, your obsessed. Well I have good news, your NOT. But, here are signs that you are obsessed. If one of these define you, you still fine, if all ten define you, GET A LIFE.

  • You know every chapter in order and can give a summery of all of them.
  • You bought nicktoons just so you can watch Avatar.
  • You saw The Last Airbender, thought it was terrible, but saw it again.
  • You have a sucessful blog on the website (Zutara Katara).
  • When you go to the beach, you build a sand castle model of Ba Sing Se or Omashu.
  • When your younger brother or sister annoys you, you try to energybending them to shut up.
  • You memorizied the lines to Sozin's Comet.
  • You thought the only thing wrong with the movie was it was a horrible version of the show.
  • You write on the Fanon


  • Your an Admin.

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