Space Age avatar

    August 17, 2012 by VENEZUELA

    Hello Everyone! Haven't you ever think about another avatar series after Korra? Well, the other day I was thinking about it and I said to me "how would the world would be many years after Korra", Aang's world is like in our 1700s, korra's world is like in our 1920s, so imagine a space age avatar! with plastic, cadillac-like cars, futurist design, colonization of the moon, and all that. Perhaps the earth benders could be on the moon building colonies and people have re-make energy bending and the new avatar is born from a energy bending hippie-like colony in earth kingdom's (or republic in their 1960s) desert, and all those hippies believe she is some kind of messiah and she goes to the more futuristic mid-century modern republic city and I…

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