We all saw Korra do all kind of things but all the epicness happened in episode 8 when she fought against Tarrlok. I personally liked this episode more than the others but for me every episode is getting better and better, Why? Because I'm also always looking fordward to a new episode and 'suffering' almost all week to see a 23 minute long episode.

I really admire to Korra personality because I think if I was the Avatar, I would of act the same. The reasons I like Korra the most is because of all the funny things and faces she does(Not saying that Aang isn't like that) to just irritate people that she dislike. Another reason would be, I'm currently talking about me, is Avatar is like a drama show for me, Every little thing that happen whenever Korra is crying or upset makes me sad too (Take to note that back in A:TLA when the sandbenders took Appa from Aang, I almost cried).

Another thing is that I think that I'm the only person on here that actually love to see every Avatar episode over and over again, I don't know why but maybe it's just my huge love to the series or something else I can't describe.

Thank you all for ready and enjoy this epic picture of Korra:

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