In addition to its sprawling anthology, Book Two will delve deeper into its romantic story arcs as well. Some fans have expressed frustration with the pairing of Mako and Korra, but Faustino notes that he's well aware of the controversy. "I’m just trying to hide from the fangirls that are a little upset with Mako at this point," he joked. "He’s not really clearly deciding between Korra and Asami. There are some pissed off fangirls out there, so I’m in hiding." Added Konietzko, "We had to tell the fans online before the panel that David is not actually Mako."


DiMartino clarified the love interest situation: "Korra and Mako are now together," he said. "They both have these really important jobs. He’s a cop, she’s the Avatar -- and things can get a little complicated. They’re in these respectable positions, and they're trying to maintain this relationship. Then we have one of the most bizarre love stories for Bolin, which I don’t want to give away. In Avatar, we have plenty of relationship stuff going on -- love triangles and stuff like that -- but I think the ones we deal with in Book Two, we’ve never done before. They’re different dynamics."


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