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  • Unnamed Airbender

    It has been a while, but we do now have some more preview pages for the Book 1 Air Art Book due to be released July 24th.

    Thanks to Kotaku for posting about these. Other than that lets get straight into the new pages. Which are pages 10-17, interesting to note that the pages we saw in the first preview were also pages 16 and 17, but clearly the book was at a very early stage back then.

    (It's a lot of pictures so look at them here)

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    First up from Bryan on Tumblr

    We have our first look at Book 3 through this Storyboard of Asami by Ryu Ki-Hyun

    The second piece of news is that we have a release date for The Search Part 3, October 30th in comic stores, meaning that the normal book store date AKA the date that will be on Amazon will be November 12th.

    Now the big news from Dark Horse here is that we now have a description of Part 3.

    • Avatar Aang travels to the spirit world to parley with an ancient power, bringing Fire Lord Zuko ever closer to discovering the truth about his mother’s fate—and his own past.
    • Yet Zuko’s sister Azula is becoming increasingly dangerous, threatening to ruin everything that Zuko, Aang, Katara, and Sokka have struggled to achieve on their sea…
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    In addition to its sprawling anthology, Book Two will delve deeper into its romantic story arcs as well. Some fans have expressed frustration with the pairing of Mako and Korra, but Faustino notes that he's well aware of the controversy. "I’m just trying to hide from the fangirls that are a little upset with Mako at this point," he joked. "He’s not really clearly deciding between Korra and Asami. There are some pissed off fangirls out there, so I’m in hiding." Added Konietzko, "We had to tell the fans online before the panel that David is not actually Mako."

    DiMartino clarified the love interest situation: "Korra and Mako are now together," he said. "They both have these really important jobs. He’s a cop, she’s the Avatar -- and things can …

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  • Unnamed Airbender

    Amon:It time to take your bending, half-baked avatar.


    Korra:Shit I'm doomed, *closes her eyes* BOOOOOM FFFHHHEEEE AVATAR STATE ACTIVATED

    Me: YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Korra, Go Korra, Go Korra!!!!

    Amon:OH SHITT!!! I'm doomed, I'll better run!!

    Korra:I'm gonna catch you and kill you *Korra doing some airbending*

    Me: YEAH FINALLY AIRBENDING!!!!!!!!! Go Korra, Go Korra, Go Korra.

    Korra: Gotcha! Amon, You have devastated the balance of the Republic City, and now you shall pay the ultimate price!

    Amon: Noooooooooooooooo!

    • Amon is killed, All peoples lived happy ever after*


    Me: Nooooooooooooooo! *crying* I have to wait a whole year to watch Korra again Noooooooooooooooooo! *continue crying*

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  • Unnamed Airbender

    We all saw Korra do all kind of things but all the epicness happened in episode 8 when she fought against Tarrlok. I personally liked this episode more than the others but for me every episode is getting better and better, Why? Because I'm also always looking fordward to a new episode and 'suffering' almost all week to see a 23 minute long episode.

    I really admire to Korra personality because I think if I was the Avatar, I would of act the same. The reasons I like Korra the most is because of all the funny things and faces she does(Not saying that Aang isn't like that) to just irritate people that she dislike. Another reason would be, I'm currently talking about me, is Avatar is like a drama show for me, Every little thing that happen whene…

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