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  • Uiop60

    Email from Gene Yang

    November 8, 2011 by Uiop60

    So, since we didn't hear anything from Gene Luen Yang's San Francisco library visit for The Promise Part One, I sent him the following email:

    So it seems that any information you might have revealed about The Promise, Part 1 at the library in San Francisco did not make it into the hands of anyone ecstatic enough to proclaim it online. Is there anything you can divulge to me for the sake of our collective sanity which we slowly lose in waiting?


    And, I got the following response:

    Hey Richard!

    Great to hear from a fellow A:TLA fan! Much of what I shared was visual, which is probably why it didn't make it on the Internet. I showed the thumbnail sketches, pencils, and final art for a page from The Promise, Part 1. I also showed the mod…

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  • Uiop60

    I recently put together an arrangement of six themes heard throughout Avatar: The Last Airbender for string orchestra[1]. In creating this, I learned many subtle patterns and complexities in the music. Here, I will take a look at each of the six themes, break down their structure and composition, and look for details that made them difficult to transcribe.

    First, Last Agni Kai: This is the theme that plays during Zuko and Azula's comet enhanced Agni Kai in the finale. Its minimalist percussion, minor key and slow pace contrast the usual fast pace of fight music, magnifying the emotional implications of the scene and complimenting perfectly the dynamic, swelling nature of the fight itself. Last Agni Kai is in E flat minor (I transposed it …

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