The Track Team, Jeremy Zuckerman and Benjamin Wynn, recently posted the following on their facebook page: "music geeks: Chi Blockers seem to be getting their own scale...1,2,b3,#4,#5,6,7".
On sheet music, this scale (in C) looks like this:
The scale is relatively similar to a melodic minor scale (1,2,b3,4,5,6,7) but with the fourth and fifth raised. A fan already uploaded a video demonstrating the scale, but I decided to come up with a theme based on the Equalists' scale, found here. The chord progression consists largely of the following:
C minor (4 beats), D major (4 beats), Eb augmented (4 beats), C diminished over F# (2 beats), B augmented over F# (2 beats).
It's a bit more rhythmic than the improvisation in the aforementioned video, so these are some well contrasting ideas of what the music associated with the Equalists might be like. So we shall see if the Track Team can match the menacing power of Azula's theme, with such a different scale (Azula's theme's being 1,2,b3,3,4,5,b6,7, or a harmonic minor scale with the major third added. The theme largely uses the 7 as the root, often making the scale effectively 1,b2,b3,3,4,#4,b6,b7.)

And since the Track Team now has more actual players and instruments at their disposal, there shall be no synth instruments akin to those heard in Noteflight :/. Apologies for the scratchy violin sample and lacking drums (The percussion is meant to mimic the bass drum and rim hits heard in much A:TLA music, for example this).

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