A TLA The Promise Behind the Scenes11:07

A TLA The Promise Behind the Scenes

Presentation from blog on YouTube.

So you might have known that I emailed Gene Yang. Well, he finished his video presentation of a bunch of slides from The Promise Part 1, and here it is: A:TLA The Promise Behind the Scenes on Gene Yang's Blog


  • Partial script for page 5 (the one after the ones previewed on Amazon)
  • Lots of concept art, detailing the new character outfits
  • the Zuko Mullet picture (it's only a little mullety)
  • Final art for page 5
  • thumbnail of cover for Part 3

It's funny; in the description he mentions the Amazon fiasco. In the wise words of Gene Yang (in another email), "I think publishing just has a hard time keeping pace with the combination of technology and human ingenuity". In other words, leaks are going to happen. It's our job to act appropriately when they do.

Thanks for reading, guys. In his presentation, Gene Yang repeatedly thanks us profusely for watching. I think it would be wise to pre-order the book (even if it's been spoiled for you) to give him a real reason to thank us.

And watch the video! The final art for page 5 is absolutely stunning.

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