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I'm Ty, and I'm here to announce that I'll be holding a one-shot competition! If you didn't already know, I'm a huge fan of one-shots; I relate them to the "poetry" fanfiction. Don't get me wrong, I love indepth serial fanons, too, but one-shots offer a different kind of opportunity. One-shots test a writer's skill to convey emotion, character development, and description in a smaller sample space. Don't underestimate the power of the one-shot! I highly encourage you to participate, and I think this contest is a great way to practice writing, get involved in the fanon portal, and kill some boredom if you're tired of daytime television!  



  • First of all, the competition will last until July 28th, so you have almost an entire month to complete your entry and submit. So don't cry to me saying, "Oh I was away for 25 days and I only saw this blog today!" or "I've just been so busy with work and camp; I've had no time whatsoever!" 
  • Second of all, I bet you're anticipating a complex set of rules designated to confuse and confound. Never fear! I hate rules! For this one-shot competition there is only one rule. I repeat, one rule! An entry cannot exceed 1000 words in length. This rule will hopefully qualm your fears about writing a time-consuming one-shot, and it also helps me with grading: less work for me xD. If you didn't know, 1000 words is not a lot, so your skills will be tested to write something amazing with limited space. I know it seems too good to be true, but you are allowed to write about anything, anything at all. Unleash your imagination! 
  • Thirdly and lastly, you may submit your entry to me in any way you see fit. I prefer that you post in the comment section, but feel free to send it to me via message wall, IRC, or email. I will be posting a list of all entrants as they submit their pieces, so you'll know who you're up against. 


  • I think this is the coolest part of the competition. I will assess each one-shot using much of the same criteria that I use when reviewing for the Fanon Review Squad. These points include: Spelling/Grammar, General Writing, Style, Character Development, Plot/Organization, and Creativity. If you want to get a feel for how I grade and what to focus on, you may want to check out some of my Reviews
  • I will score each one-shot on a 10 point scale and offer a short summary of my thoughts and reaction. At the end of the competition, I will list scores and summaries in another blog so you can see how you stacked up against the rest of the contenders. At the end of the contest, feel free to ask me question or for tips. 


  • Awe yeah! The moment you've all been waiting for. Some of you out there may have scrolled past the rules and grading, thinking, "Pshhh why would I compete for the love of writing alone. There better be prizes or else reading the rest of this blog post is a waste of my time." Fear not! There are prizes.
  • I will award every single entrant a userbox that says something along the lines of: "Omashu Rocks' one-shot won the award for "most profane" in the 2013 One-shot Competition." Each one-shot will recieve a different title (most likely an adjective that comes to mind after I read it XD) Titles may include: Funniest, Angstiest, Action-Packed, etc. It's all for fun. 
  • Now, I know some of you bigshot writers scoff at a petty userbox. Once again, fear not! The Top 3 contestants will receive Art Prizes from a professional artist on Deviantart! Whether it be by sculpting keychains or by blackmail, Minnichi has connections with talented professional artists on Deviatart, and she has agreed to graciously provide awesome art prizes like this, this, and this. First place will win a super-epic-totally-nectar illustration, second pace will earn a super-epic illustration, and third will receive an epic illustration. (I'll have more details on this when the winners are announced.) Just to give you a taste, these are a few of the artist's works:
  • Questions, comments, areas of concerns, violent insults, compliments? Post them in the comment section or on my message wall! Now, let's see who can knock my socks off! 

Entry List

Note: Please vote for the Fanon Fact Finders Interview of the Year by selecting one of the following and voting in the comment section. 1. Dragons, Sieges and Volcanoes, 2. The Kyoshi Chronicles, 3. Silent Hero in Emerald, or 4. Moon Drops. People who do this will get valuable bonus points! Just kidding! Or am I? o.0

  1. ATLALOK's Entry
  2. BlackMonkey's Entry - Vote: 4
  3. ByBray's Entry - Vote: 3
  4. Henryjh98's Entry
  5. Waterkai's Entry
  6. Snivystorm's Entry - Vote: 1
  7. Echo01's Entry
  8. Specialk's Entry - Vote: 3
  9. Tree Climber's Entry
  10. AtkaSura's Entry - Vote: 3
  11. Fruipit's Entry - Vote: 3
  12. Kuir's Entry - Vote: 1
  13. Agent Slash's Entry - Vote: 1
  14. Minnichi's Entry
  15. Kugumi's Entry
  16. The Faceless One's Entry
  17. Swampbender's Entry - Vote: 2
  18. Kyoshidude's Entry - Vote: 4
  19. Jtwin1's Entry - Vote: 2
  20. ARG's Entry
  21. HammerOfThor's Entry
  22. Omashu Rock's Entry - Vote: 3
  23. Momoam15's Entry
  24. TheLokNessMonster's Entry - Vote: 1
  25. Lady Lostris - Vote: 3
  26. TechFilmer - Vote: 1
  27. Ty - Vote: 3
  28. Emperor Qin - Vote: 1
  29. Sep0815 - Vote: 3

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