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Unaccompanied Bandits

Police headquarters interior

Hello! I'm Ty, and today I'll be reviewing Unaccompanied Bandits by Fruipit

Unaccompanied Bandits is a different type of one-shot than Fruipit's other works. The setting takes place not in the Avatar world, but in a more realistic version of our world. The story revolves around Avatar Kyoshi, a cop, who is about to leave the station and do whatever she feels like on Friday night but as she is about to leave, her night is compromised by Officer Suki and an odd girl. This odd girl is Toph, and Kyoshi is forced to "babysit" her until her parents pick her up. Caught hanging out in a shady alley, Toph doesn't exactly look like the type of girl fit for the rough parts of the city, but Kyoshi doesn't really care; she just wants to get the protocol over with so she can get home. Fruipit does an awesome job progressing the story, and soon the truth comes out and Kyoshi's attitude changes. The rebellious girl is more than she seems, and soon the Avatar becomes interested. Compared to the beginning, the ending takes on a very serious, deep note, and the characters really grow in a short time. 



  • General Critique - I was a huge fan of the realistic tone underlying this story. It was different from Fruipit's more romantic works because it carried with it a sharp "in your face" attitude. I particularly liked the story from Kyoshi's point of view because I got to see how her opinion of Toph changed from "ugh this girl is wasting my time" to "wow, I didn't expect her to be this deep person." The plot takes place in a matter of minutes, really, and there's no fighting, no crazy action scenes, but that doesn't take away from the notable character development. It's just like some random night, a random situation that turns out to be profound. Two people who are visibly different and seemingly incompatible find a small measure of understanding in an unexpected happenstance. This was a good one-shot because it had definite personality, concrete plot, and all the intangibles of storytelling that left the reader with something to think about. 
  • Reflection - I remember I once told the author something along the lines of "I don't really see Toph acting like this" when critiquing one of her more romantic stories. I can safely say Fruipit has done an outstanding job taking my advice and making ammends. The Toph in this story reminds me much more of the earthbending badass I've come to know and love. I can see the fighting spirit that drives her, but I can also see the uncertain side cultivated from her living in seclusion. The story evolves effortlessly from a tense situation to one that carries a great deal of emotional weight, especially with the canon story in mind. Still, the tone remained realistic...and...yeah it was just really good! XD 
  • Score 4.7/5 - I've said it before, and I'll say it again. The score doesn't really matter that much. Just know, this is a very well-written one-shot that has all of the elements necessary for a complete story. It's definitely worth a read. Excellent job on this, Frui. 


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