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The Consultant

Hello! I'm Ty, and today I'll be reviewing The Consultant by AvatarRokusGhost

The Consultant is a humorous one-shot that pokes fun at roleplaying games like Skyrim, Legend of Zelda, Assassin's Creed, (from my experience) and many others similar to World of War Craft, Final Fantasy, and Diablo. I'm not too well versed in video games, my favorite game ever being Super Smash Bros Melee, but I still understood many of the subtle jokes in The Consultant. During the middle of "The Chase" a mysterious man called "The Consultant" gives Team Avatar some interesting advice. The Consultant tells Team Avatar to complete a variety of odd tasks to prepare for their battle with Azula, Mai, and Ty Lee. The longer Team Avatar follow The Consultant, the more confused they become.

Let's take a look shall we? 



  • General Critique - When I saw that The Consultant was meant to be humorous and not meant to be taken seriously, I immediately jumped to read it. I love comedy and anything that resembles it. Laughing adds years to your life of course! Regarding technical skills, AvatarRokusGhost is an talented writer, as I counted minimal mistakes in spelling and grammar. Nothing jumped out description-wise or stylistically, but that's ok; it's a comedy after all. With that being said, the humor was subtle and controlled. AvatarRokusGhost makes use of "The Consultant" character to satire roleplaying games, poking fun at odd little rules that never made sense. For example, The Consultant tells Team Avatar to hide in a nearby town since it's a safe-zone where Azula can't attack them. Furthermore, he advises them to talk to everyone in the town and look for treasure in the houses. This part reminded me of Skyrim, where you can take whatever you want from anywhere. "The Consultant" is a funny character in that he seems so sure that his crazy advice will work, and that he treats the situation like a game and not reality. The one-shot is a very well written satire and an enjoyable read. 
  • Reflection - The Consultant was refreshing and unique compared to other one-shots I've read. It was interesting to see Team Avatar's reactions to The Consultant's advice. The characters were accurate in their dialogue. In fact, the dialogue is the major strength of the one-shot; the conversations are clever and witty. As a whole, the story was non-serious and light, completely opposite to the actual situation in "The Chase" episode. As I read, I smiled time after time at each of the subtle puns. I actually laughed out loud after Team Avatar killed animals in the woods to gain experience points and The Consultant explained that the animals would re-spawn later. I couldn't stop laughing and my dog looked at me funny; I think I was being judged. 
  • Score 4.3/5 - The Consultant fulfills it's purpose as a comedy. It's a quick, entertaining story for anyone who wants a laugh. Everything from grammar, punctuation, general writing, and structure was fine. If you're not really a video game person, it doesn't mean you can't read this story. You'll probably react to The Consultant's advice like the Gaang, with utter confusion. If your childhood was filled with Gamecube, PlayStation, Gameboy, Xbox, Wii, or any other console they've come up with, The Consultant will be a nostalgic read and a surefire laugh. 

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