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Hello! I'm Typhoonmaster, and today I will reviewing Silent Hero in Emerald by Minnichi!

"Ba Sing Se is kept balanced by the Dai Li. Any signs of conflict or talk of war are silenced immediately by these elite Earthbenders, under the strict eye of Long Feng. Brainwashing, imprisonment, execution... anything's acceptable to maintain order. Those who disrupt the peace must be eliminated at once.


"Yuhan, a highly talented converter of rebels (a.k.a. brainwasher) doesn't really have any issues with the Dai Li's reasoning. He lives to contribute to the balance of the city; he doesn't really have anything else to do, anyway. After an unexpected twist of events, however, a childhood friendship resurfaces - and blooms into love."

"It wouldn't have been so bad if the Dai Li hadn't deemed her a disruptor of peace."

In Silent Hero in Emerald we meet Yuhan, a talented and loyal Dai Li agent who believes in upholding peace in Ba Sing Se. By chance, or perhaps destiny, he meets a childhood friend of his, Riya. The fateful encounter turns Yuhan's tightly controlled world upside down. He begins to realize the truth about the "Greatest City in the World."


1. Writing

  • Spelling/Grammar 10.0 - Awesome. Minnichi has mastered all forms of grammar and spelling. She has done an outstanding job of upholding the quality of her technical writing. Just to put this score into perspective, according to, there are 100,578 words in Silent Hero in Emerald. Out of those 100,578 words, I counted 2 mistakes, both extremely miniscule. That means Minnichi makes a mistake 0.002% of the time.    
  • General Writing 9.7 - The author does a perfect job with word-choice. The extensive vocabulary in this story really helps the reading flow. Minnichi also does a great job varying her sentence structure and length. She consistently found ways to impress me and keep me on my toes.
  • Style 9.5 - One of the hardest thing to do is change writing style. First of all, it's not easy to write any kind of story: period. Second of all, it's even more difficult to worry about style. In Minnichi's case, she effectively adapts her style to the mood of the story.  

2. Content

  • Creativity 10.0 - From watching the show, I never would have guessed a Dai Li agent could show emotion, let alone fall in love! The basis of this idea is creative in itself. But, I was even more impressed with how the author coordinated the canon story seamlessly into the idea. Minnichi takes Ba Sing Se and the Dai Li agency and expands them, completely realistically, too. I thought it was so cool how she thought of a completely original, complex story and embedded it into ANOTHER story on the outside. 
  • Plot/Organization 9.4 - The author knows exactly where she wants to go with this story, and it shows. Most of the time, the Achilles Heel of fanon authors is their eagerness to progress the plot. "OMG I have SOO many good ideas that I HAVE to show the world!" Silent Hero in Emerald advances at the perfect pace. A minor "flaw," if you could describe it as such, is the connection of events. I understand the story is told through Yuhan, and that his opinions reflect the importance of events, but in one instance I was a bit confused with what was happening as a whole. I had to re-read that part. But, in reality its probably just me being careless. I have a specific example, but I don't want to spoil the story.
  • Character Development 9.4 - As the main character, Yuhan undergoes the greatest development by far. His entire outlook on life changes within a span of a few weeks. The best part is it's completely realistic. The inner turmoil and chaos is completely justified, and it's awesome to go inside his mind and see the thought process. Other than Yuhan, Riya experiences tragedy and grows from it. Even Hiroshu takes on a more serious persona towards the later chapters. It's a character driven story and Yuhan is truly a phenomenal character. 

3. Reading

  • Interest Level 9.8 - I usually do my fanon reading around 10-10:30 when I finish my homework. I lie in bed with my iPad and read. With Silent Hero in Emerald, I found my arms hurting from holding my iPad over my head, and my eyes had to have been red. I became mentally, emotionally, and, I suppose, physically attached to the story as I could not put it down. No matter how much homework I received, I always told myself, "It's ok because afterwards you get to read SHiE."
  • Reaction 9.5 - This is the hardest criteria, in my opinion. Creating a reaction is the most important aspect of an entertaining story. I can cite two instances of very powerful, almost visceral reactions, while I read Silent Hero in Emerald. [SPOILER ALERT] When Yuhan discovered Riya's witnessing his brainwashing, Minnichi wrote a perfect description of his realization and subsequent feelings. Everything inside him hollowed out as his surroundings blared in deafening silence. While reading this scene, I felt exactly the same way as Yuhan. At another point in the story, probably the most important part so far, I may or may not have cried....Ok, I admit it, I cried. :'(   
  • Believability 9.7 - Wait a sec...Minnichi created Yuhan, a talented brainwasher who can make people BELIEVE whatever he tells them. Then, by the law of syllogism, shouldn't Minnichi be able to make people believe anything she tells them? I suppose she can, and she certainly did! The story is told so beautifully and with such elegance that I have no choice but to believe everything. 

Total Score = 9.67

4. My Thoughts

  • The amount of time and effort put into Silent Hero in Emerald is incredible. I can tell how Minnichi went out of her way to ensure complete canon accuracy and to write to the absolute best of her abilities.  
  • Silent Hero in Emerald isn't just a story, it's an experience. While reading, I was introduced to a whole underground world and saw it through the eyes of brilliantly crafted characters. Immersing myself into the atmosphere and situation, I didn't just read: I felt. That's what separates good stories from GREAT stories. 
  • Though it's a romance, Silent Hero in Emerald has moments of comedy, action, tragedy, and adventure. It's truly a complete story. This diversity makes it stand out. 

5. What stands out?

The greatest strength of Silent Hero in Emerald is ^^^^^ everything I said above. There's honestly no weakness to this story. If there is, it's futile to even consider it because everything would dwarf it. If I had to choose a single strength, it would be how the author took her imaginative idea and put it on "paper." It's one thing to be creative, a completely other thing to be active. Not a single aspect of imagination is lost during the translation into words. It's kind of funny how the whole point of fanon is to put an idea into words, but it's also the most difficult part. Minnichi makes it look easy.

6. Advice for Minnichi

Uhh I think you should be the one giving ME advice! I mean...there's not really much to say. I'll just give you an option.. just because. Perhaps when you finish writing Silent Hero in Emerald you should read other books of different genres. It's always fun to try writing different kinds of stories with different characters. You've only scratched the surface of your potential. Cultivate an eclectic inspiration for writing! I have no advice to give :(

7. Who should read this?

Silent Hero in Emerald is an absolute must-read for everybody, and I don't say that about a lot of stories. Everything about it is amazing, and everyone who reads it will not be disappointed.

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