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Earth Kingdom throne room

Hello! I'm Ty, and today I will reviewing
Political Animals by Omashu Rocks!

Only a naive fool would honestly believe that Ba Sing Se simply reinstalled Kuei as their leader and moved on peacefully. No, that wouldn't be possible in the most politically corrupt and morally bankrupt city in the world. Immediately after Ozai's defeat, cries for a change in government shot throughout the entire Earth Kingdom. While a few did favor Kuei to remain as ruler, most became addicted to the concept of holding a free Democratic election to determine who would become the President of the Earth Nation. Avatar Aang, believing it was not his role to use his influence to elect his preferred President, declared that candidates with similar ideas would form parties and a clear platform that the people could use to make their decision. Out of the genuine belief that he was best for the position and nothing else, General How immediately joins the Liberal Party along with Lao Beifong and others. To How's dismay, General Fong and General Sung form the Military Party and vie for the nomination, vowing for a strong militaristic rule over the nation. To make matters much worse, Long Feng establishes the Communist Party, and began to run on a platform of "standing up for the people".

General How must deal with media scrutiny, violent protests, and the evil intentions of his main opponent while struggling to run his own family. He's about to find out what a tough contact sport campaigning for office really is.

After the 100 Year War ends, the Earth Kingdom enters a time of political turmoil oscillating between monarchy and democracy. In Political Animals we follow the candidates running for Earth Nation president. Filled with conspiracy, betrayal, and strategy, Political Animals links the modern politics with the world of Avatar.


1. Writing

  • Spelling/Grammar 9.7 - Really impressive. There were no repeating mistakes, and the only ones I spotted were typos that could be fixed with some proofreading. 
  • General Writing 9.5 - The general writing was excellent. Sentence structure variation really supported the maturity of this piece. It's easy to see Omashu Rocks' skills as an author. 
  • Style 9.0 - I loved the serious tone of Political Animals. The style was never overly wordy, and at the same time it helped explain the complexities of the political elements. The style flowed and kept its intensity, which is pretty rare. 

2. Content

  • Creativity 10.0 - I can honestly say I've never encountered a fanon like this. Hell, I've never read anything like this! Writing a deep political drama is tough as it is, but to blend it with Avatar is another story. Not to mention we see sides of original characters and realistic development of new ones. This is an awesome idea that is executed brilliantly. 
  • Plot/Organization 9.5 - Loved the plot. I really did. The events all link together effortlessly, and Omashu Rocks knows exactly where he's going with this. Everything makes sense. I don't have much of a political background, but I learned a lot from reading this. Another great thing is the stakes get higher and the plot gets riskier with each chapter. 
  • Character Development 8.7 - We really see the development of General How as the major character here. The author portrays him as a man with goals as well as flaws. He isn't one of those perfect characters. General How succeeds because he's a hero we can root for, even if he makes mistakes. We also see different sides of established characters like Joo Dee, King Kuei, and Long Feng. Political Animals isn't necessarily a character driven story, but the characters are certainly interesting in many regards. 

3. Reading

  • Interest Level 9.6 - I gotta hand it to Omashu Rocks for writing a really compelling story. I got sucked in from the beginning, and I found all the politics and conspiracy to be very interesting. It's not conspiracy for the sake of conspiracy either, it's realistic and reasonable. I've read fanons that stick in random action scenes for no reason. In Political Animals there is a reason for everything. 
  • Reaction 8.5 - I didn't really have a single, distinct reaction that I can remember, but I was constantly kept on my toes. I found myself really pondering and thinking about some of the schemes in the the story. That questioning element really defines this story. 
  • Believability 8.7 - Ok. I get it. In reality the Earth Kingdom wouldn't just change into a democracy, but that's not the point at all. The point is to combine politics with Avatar and write a thrilling story. In that regard, Political Animals succeeds. My only concern is Aang's involvement. I feel like the Avatar should have had more of an influence considering his importance in the world. But it's not really an issue. 

Total Score = 9.24

4. My Thoughts

  • I really like how there were many different plot arcs. It reminded me a bit of Game of Thrones with all these people vying for a position of power. If a fanon reminds me of Game of Thrones, you are doing something right.  
  • There are triumphant, depressing, epic, and light moments in this story. This variation really helps with enjoyment because I got a little taste of everything. It's not strictly political. :P There are plenty of sentimental, human moments that brought me back to earth. While strategy plays a huge role, so does passion.  
  • Since I'm taking AP American History right now, I caught a lot of the clever historical and political references like the Sedition Acts and some of the propaganda. It's this kind of cleverness that sets Political Animals apart.

5. What stands out?

Well, this fanon has a lot of strengths, and it's pretty tough to designate just one. I guess I liked the modern, complex nature of the story. While it stuck to the Avatar roots, it definitely draws inspiration from real world problems like the economy and foreign affairs.

6. Advice for Omashu Rocks

There's not many things that need fixing with this fanon. Instead, I urge you to keep writing this story. I noticed you have it capped at 9 chapters. I think you can keep it going. Get some global politics involved, anything really. I think you've got a really awesome idea, and I hope you continue it. 

7. Who should read this?

I think everyone should take a look at this one, since it's very unique, but especially people looking for a mature fanon that takes on a serious tone.  


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