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My Meathead

He fixed it

Hello! I'm Ty, and today I'll be reviewing My Meathead by Fruipit

My Meathead is a very well-written one-shot that goes deep into Toph's thoughts. We see the high and low points of her life from her own point of view. The story begins with Toph as a child and ends with her as a young woman, and details everything in between. From a weak blind girl, to an unsure hero, to a young woman trying to make sense of her emotions, we witness Toph grow up before our very eyes. Let's take a look shall we? 



  • General Critique - The first thing that jumped out at me was the language. Fruipit writes with such maturity and style, language I've only come across in contemporary novels like "The Rotters' Club," "The Distant Echo," or even the classic "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings." The poetic storytelling really defines this one-shot, and it adds a whole new element to the main point of the work. My Meathead is actually one continuously evolving thought: Toph's reflection on her life. Toph takes us on a journey, her journey, as she struggles to cope with being a blind only child. We feel the pain caused by her parents, the joy upon joining Team Avatar, and the uncertainty that follows her into adulthood. The one-shot changes moods based on Toph's reflection, and it takes on a very realistic tone. And of course there's romance! 
  • Reflection - The first thing I thought to myself upon finishing My Meathead was "this should totally be a spoken word epic narrative." The language is that impressive. I can just imagine Fruipit, or Toph for that matter, sitting on a stool in a dimly lit pub reading this story out loud. I can't even begin tell you the emotion of this piece; reading it in silence just doesn't give it justice. This one-shot is what one-shots are all about: condensing passion and creativity into one piece. There is more character development in this page of writing than I've seen in many feature length fanons.  
  • Score 4.8/5 - I can't praise the language and style enough; it's both poetic and human at the same time. Sometimes the writing strays away from technical accuracy in it's pursuit of style, but I overlooked that. For example, there are a couple instances of run on sentences, but that's very common in thought narratives. Nobody writes Toph better than Fruipit, and this certainly was no exception. 


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