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Hello! I'm Ty, and today I will reviewing
Moon Drops by Kugumi!

The story begins one year after—under the leadership of Amon—the Equalists' attempts to take over Republic City were thwarted by the efforts of Avatar Korra and her team of friends. In the time since, Mako and Korra have managed to keep a stable relationship in spite of some of their struggles as a couple, Bolin is making a living as a noteworthy pro-bender, Asami has rebuilt Future Industries into a reputable empire, and cocky-as-ever-Tahno still can't seem to get over himself.

Things were normal—or as normal as they could get—for the Krew, until Korra received an unusual present—and not from the person she would have suspected. Left in an angry rage for days over an unexpected engagement necklace, Korra is well-aware that she will soon have to give her suitor a response. But this is more than just a simple engagement proposal—it's an arrangement. With a war brewing in the two Water Tribes, this is a decision that only she, as the Avatar, can make.

'Moon Drops is, above all else, a story of self-sacrifice. It's about protecting the ones you love and finding happiness in the strangest places.

After dealing with Amon and the Equalists, Avatar faces a rising conflict between the Northern and Southern water tribes. The conflict stems from the original split of the tribes, a very deep and complex schism. As the Avatar, Korra needs to decide the right path to deal with a looming war, even if it requires great sacrifice on her part.


1. Writing

  • Spelling/Grammar 10.0 - I mean...this was SPOT ON. For the amount of complex grammar structures and vocabulary the author uses, the technical skills were really impressive. 
  • General Writing 9.8 - The writing in Moon Drops is up there with some of the best fanons I've read. Actually, the only things I can accurately compare it to are actual novels. Kugumi's descriptions are never repetitive and they are always efficient: she isn't overly verbose. Everything flows smoothly, and it keeps a very high level of writing the entire time. I feel like she uses the perfect words at the perfect times, which is what everyone strives, most of the time in vain, to do. I can tell a lot of quality work went into the writing, and that's something I really admire. 
  • Style 9.8 - I am consistently critical in scoring the style category. It's easy to write stuff correctly: it's difficult to write with style and flare. After reading Moon Drops, I can safely say Kugumi has style figured out. She masterfully balanced imagery, detail, explanation, was awesome! Even while she wrote with style, the style didn't overpower the meaning of the words, in fact it enhanced the meaning. 

2. Content

  • Creativity 9.3 - The idea of continuing The Legend of Korra plot has been done before, but it's the angle that really defines the creativity. Kugumi takes an interesting angle with the introduction of the Water Tribe conflict. Other than that, I wish she published more chapters so I could really see her creativity through more plot and character development, but I'm not really worried. 
  • Plot/Organization 9.2 - I know I don't really have an excuse because the author warned me of flashbacks in the prologue, but I still found that part rather confusing. The beginning chapter skips around to different people at different time periods, and it's quite difficult to understand what exactly is going on. I also had to reread the part pertaining to the state of two water tribes and the concept of political marriage. I have faith that everything will fall into place though. After the prologue, everything flows like a normal story, and it focuses mainly on one story arc. 
  • Character Development 8.9 - From what I've read so far, Kugumi does an outstanding job portraying the main characters accurately. Everyone's dialogue, Korra, Tarrlok, Mako, Bolin, Asami, Tahno - Everyone's speech is spot on with inflection and word choice. That's something very rare in fanon, and it's something the author does very well. I've seen many instances of people bleeding their own voice into characters until the characters themselves are lost. This is not the case in Moon Drops. I had a couple uneasy thoughts about the portrayal of Korra, however. First of all, the last words we hear Korra say in Season 1 are, "I love you, too." Whether or not Brian and Mike developed the relationship or not, Mako and Korra apparently loved each other. -___-  That being said, I didn't think there was enough inner turmoil when Korra made the sacrifice to accept a political marriage. I actually can't see her accepting the deal at all, but for the sake of the story I can compromise. I'm not sure what happened, but she breaks ties with Mako....really easily..too easily in my opinion. The girl stared out across Yue Bay with that starstruck look on her face...and then she splits with him in an instant: I just don't see it, at least not like that. I have a few more points that I was uncomfortable with about Korra, but they are more opinionated so I'll keep them to myself. Please message me if you want to discuss that, I'd be more than happy to :) 

3. Reading

  • Interest Level 9.0 - The prologue arises some questions that I really want to hear answered, so that drew me in right from the start. After that, I was very interested in what the Krew was up to and what the future looked like. The first few chapters are a bit slow, but I can sense a storm brewing on the horizon. 
  • Reaction 8.8 - Since the story is just getting started, I haven't had any real visceral revelations, no crying, laughing, spastic twitching, or anything like that. I was able to get a good grasp of the situation and the story, though. My reactions have been more prolonged, sort of a continuous feeling of suspense and dread. 
  • Believability 8.6 - All of the characters are believable in portrayal. Their actions are all realistic and accurate. My main issue with the plot goes right to the central problem: Korra's marriage to Tarrlok. I know it has to happen for this story to work, but there isn't enough background to really make it realistic yet: it all happens so fast, too. Maybe there will be elaboration in future chapters, I don't know. But, I do know this: Tarrlok's reputation was completely annihilated when he was revealed to the world as a blood-bender, Amon's brother, and Yakone's son. He is not of noble birth by any means, and I don't really understand why his marriage to Korra would pacify the dispute between the Northern and Southern water tribes. No matter what, Tarrlok, even if he survived the explosion, could never repair his image as Republic City Councilman. I just can't believe Korra would even think of marrying a man who kidnapped her friends, bloodbended her, and locked her in a metal box in the mountains. Just to clarify, there is nothing wrong with an unbelievable idea. That is what fanon is all about. I don't judge believability based on the incredulity of an idea: I base it on how well the author proves his or her idea and makes me believe it. So Kugumi, I challenge you to use your wonderful writing talent to convince me this story is possible. I can't wait to see how it turns out! :) 

Total Score = 9.3

4. My Thoughts

  • The writing is actually incredible. Nothing I say here can really give the writing the praise it deserves. The writing and style compares to some of the best fanfiction stories around with only three chapters published so far. The sky is the limit for this story because the writing is so damn brilliant. 
  • Some stories are suspenseful, while others are light. Some have action, while others are rich with thought. Moon Drops achieves that healthy balance of light and dark that all fanons aim for. The variation of tone really helps keep the reader entertained and makes the story enjoyable. 
  • Kugumi seemingly knows each character inside and out, and she goes to great lengths to make their dialogue realistic. Bolin is his hilarious self. Tarrlok's speech is sly and witty. Tahno's Shymalamadingdong accent is written beautifully. I was particularly impressed with Asami, who isn't so easy to write. Asami is portrayed as both fun, wise, and serious at the same time. She's my favorite character in Moon Drops so far. 

5. What stands out?

I can't stress it enough: the writing. I wish I could write as well as Kugumi. Honestly, everyone should just read Moon Drops and take notes because this is how a story is supposed to be written.

6. Advice for Kugumi

Just keep writing. You've got a SERIOUS talent. You have the potential to create something special. I know you are a great author, so I'm not going to go into the character development or believability. I know you will adapt and evolve. Everything will work itself out. 

7. Who should read this?

Do yourself a favor and read Moon Drops. The writing quality is marvelous.


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