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Valentine's Day Review <3

  • Ty sniffs

I smell the sweet aroma of love in the air! Oh yes, today is Valentine's Day! No other day of the year focuses on chubby babies flying around with arrows, or forces men to rush to the nearest flower vendor, only to learn the roses are sold out. I remember a time when I would receive colored-paper love notes from anonymous classmates. I remember eating those awful "sweethearts" candies just because they were edible. In my opinion, lovers should treat every day like Valentine's Day, but I suppose Russell Stover and Edible Arrangements need customers.

"When love is real, it finds a way." -Avatar Roku (the man who has love figured out.)

On this special day, I will be reviewing Friday, I'm in Love by Fruipit! It seems fateful that I should be reviewing a romantically themed fanon on Valentine's Day. The one-shot is a songfic that follows the lyrics of the song Friday, I'm in Love by the British band, The Cure. Before reading the fanon, I listened to the song a couple times to get a good feel for what Fruipit was going to do. The song has clever lyrics and a nice beat; it reminds me of classic early 80's type rock and roll. To me, the lyrics tell the story of a man whose relationship is chaotic. Sometimes he feels depressed and hurt, but, when Friday rolls around, he forgets all about his sadness and falls in love all over again. I also interpreted the man as being kind of indifferent to the love, like it wasn't true love. Instead, the "lovers" don't really care about each other, except on weekends when they can let loose. In some ways, the song implies a one-night stand, or a non-serious relationship.

Well, without further rambling, here is my review!



  • General Critique - The author relates the lyrics to Aang's feelings as he endures the heartbreak of losing Katara and his growing love for Toph. For example, when Robert Smith sings, "I don't care if Monday's black," Fruipit writes about Aang's endless depression as he contemplates the worthlessness of his live without love. Generally, the author uses a lot of clever dialogue and figures of speech. With each new lyrical stanza came a new chapter in Aang's story. Throughout the one-shot, we witness Aang's growing feelings for Toph as his heartbreak fades away. I spotted a few grammar and spelling errors like dialogue punctuation and sentence fragments. I overlooked most errors because I recognize the sort of poetic writing style that corresponds to the lyrics. Music doesn't adhere to technical grammar, neither should a songfic. This fanon is more about emotion, just like music.
  • Reflection - Friday, I'm in Love was the first songfic I've ever read, so it was a new experience for me. Fruipit's take on the song is a bit different than mine. To me, the lyrics came across as indifferent and laid back, even a little upbeat. Fruipit, on the other hand, goes for a deeper meaning, like the singer is trying to mask unbearable heartbreak. I can imagine the singer wailing and singing slurred lyrics in a bar until he gets thrown out. Every day leading up to Friday is utter agony until the weekend when he washes it away. Then it starts all over again. Fruipit details Aang's heartbreak and recovery. Toph's friendship saves him from his lowest point, and in the end he realizes his love for her. Instead of a continuous cycle of heartbreak, the author uses the song as an evolution of the relationship between two people. It's very cool to read the changes in dialogue and interaction between Aang and Toph. We also witness thier maturation with respect to their other friends as they mend their broken relationships. This isn't a fluffy kind of love story; it's very mature and realistic.
  • Score 4.3/5 - Overall, this was an elegant one-shot. The author utilizes many facets of emotion and tells a meaningful story. I felt like Aang was a bit TOO depressed for his character. I always thought of him as the quintessential optimist who you could never bring down. But, I also realize his character is a tool used to relate to the song. In some ways, characters can be used to prove a point, and I get that aspect of the story. A run through revision should clean up the technical errors. The author uses Hemingway style dialogue in many of the interactions between Aang and Toph. Meaning: there aren't descriptions and the reader is supposed to figure out the context for themselves. This style is sometimes coined "The Iceberg Style of Writing," since we can only see the tip of what the dialogue really means. This style can be very powerful, but it's tricky to use. There were a few instances where a bit more description would have shed some light on the situation. This is an all-around quality fanon that is a great read for any reader who likes unique stories, and a MUST READ for any Taang Shippers.

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