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Hello! I'm Ty, and today I'll be reviewing Erosion by Fruipit

Erosion is an interesting one-shot for a couple of reasons. It's written in the present tense and describes actions and feelings as they occur. Also, I think the moment, or series of moments, doesn't really have a place in the canon story, or even the future. The fragile seconds in Erosion serve to highlight Toph's character, her strengths and weaknesses, and the inner thoughts she doesn't want anyone to know but at the same time wishes she could say out loud. 



  • General Critique - Erosion is based primarily on imagery, sensory detail expressed through language. Lines like "They sit there in pensive silence as the moon slowly rises above the calm waves, and a  gentle breeze picks up" evoke a feeling of solitude in the surroundings. On the other hand, lines like "Her heart blooms in her chest to form a dull ache that explodes past the walls she has placed around it" really contrast Toph's inner feelings, how loud they are compared to the tranquility of the setting. Most one-shots, especially Fruipit's one-shots, are more creative in delivery than serial fanons. I like to think of one-shots as the "poetry of fanon," whereas fanons with chapters are like traditional novels. In this regard, Erosion lives up to its identity as a one-shot; it focuses more on beautiful writing and conveying emotion than concrete events. 
  • Reflection - My mental image of Toph is one of a badass earthbender who is as stubborn as her element. I think in most cases, this holds true. Erosion gives us a different side of Toph, one that isn't seen too much in the show. We get sentimental moments from her in only a few episodes, namely the Blind Bandit and The Runaway. This one-shot expands on some of the subtle character traits we see from Toph. I think one of the cool things about this story is the sensitive details. The usage of Toph makes this even better. Trapped in her pitch-black world, Toph detects the slightest movement, the slightest touch, and that makes this one-shot that much more meaningful. Its as if the most fragile breath explodes in her mind. As a result, the tender moments depicted are very passionate, even if there isn't much action.  
  • Score 4.4/5 - It's really hard for me to judge one-shots, especially ones that are so emotional and written on passion. Sometimes I relate to them, sometimes I don't. The score really doesn't mean anything, I kind of just chose a number. 4-5 It doesn't really make much of a difference XD The point is it's a creative work, a well-written story, and I admire the heartfelt nature of every word. 


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