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Anansi sketches

Hello! I'm Ty, and today I will reviewing
Anansi by Masri788!

Anansi is among the oldest of all the spirits ever to exist. He is by far both the most feared and hated by all the spirits. And you will never meet a nicer guy. He is the spirit of stories, tricks, songs, lies and all a person weaves with their tongue. This is a small collection of his stories in the Avatar universe, but it's slightly redundant. All stories are Anansi's.


1. Writing

  • Spelling/Grammar 5.0 - I quickly noticed frequent mistakes in comma usage and punctuation. There were mistakes ranging from careless typos and misspellings to consistent misusage of quotations. I highly advise the author to familiarize himself with spelling and grammar and proofread extensively before publishing. 
  • General Writing 5.5 - The sentence structure was simple and repetitive. The complex sentences were usually spliced with a comma or incorrectly punctuated. 
  • Style 7.0 - I thought the supernatural descriptions and sneaky dialogue was interesting. I can't say I've seen this type of style in a fanon before. The style gives each one-shot a parable sort of feel which is unique.  

2. Content

  • Creativity 7.1 - Once I saw that the one-shots revolved around the character Anansi, I remembered hearing Anansi stories many years ago. I'm a curious person so I googled "Anansi" and I saw that the one-shots were adapted from the the stories. I think the idea to mix Anansi and Avatar is awesome, but in many cases the author put an Avatar spin on already existing Anansi stories. 
  • Plot/Organization 5.0 - As a series of one-shots, Anansi doesn't have a concrete, continuous plot. Each story stands alone, but it's hard to get a grasp of what each one is trying to accomplish. Most of them are just clever stories that show Anansi being clever, foiling other spirits with his wit. 
  • Character Development 3.0 - In a series of one-shots I'm not really too high on judging character development since characters aren't recurring. Still, in Anansi the author doesn't focus on the inner thoughts or reactions of characters at all. The stories mainly revolve around the action. I wish the characters developed more after learning the lessons presented by the story. 

3. Reading

  • Interest Level 6.4 - Each story presented a new plot and problem, so that kept me on my toes. On the other hand, all the stories followed a similar format: problem, Anansi being clever, Anansi tricking someone. 
  • Reaction 6.2 - I didn't have any major reactions. I may have smiled or thought "Wow, that was pretty clever," but other than that it was just an entertaining read. 
  • Believability 5.0 - To be honest, I don't really know how to grade this section. I don't think the point of the story was to be believable. I suppose the premise of Anansi being a powerful spirit is sort of believable. The stories were all supernatural so I can't really say "Oh! That's impossible!" since its the spirit world. I guess the deduction here is for the lack of development in characters is a bit unbelievable considering the lessons they should've learned.  

Total Score = 5.6

4. My Thoughts

  • The summary on the main page drew me in because it was really vague and epic at the same time! XD  
  • Reading this was nostalgic because I forgot how much I enjoyed Anansi stories as a kid. 
  • I think this story has great potential, but it needs a consistent editor. 

5. What stands out?

The blending of Anansi and Avatar has never been done before and this uniqueness really sets this story apart.

6. Advice for Masri788

Please proofread and make sure your writing is error-free before you publish. If you can't spot the errors, study and learn the correct grammar usage rules. I used to hate grammar and all the technicalities, but I've come to understand why it's important. There have to be rules that govern writing, just like there are rules for everything else. If you want to play, you have to play by the rules! (that was corny) 

7. Who should read this?

Anyone who is tired of the same old post-war or romance fanon should read this: it's unique.


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