Ah yes, Shipping. Whether you Hate it, Love it, or could care less about it, you have an opinion on it. You know you do.

So, it's pretty self explainatory:

  1. Explain Shipping in your eyes, why do you feel the way you do about it?
  2. Why do you think everyone gets so riled up about shipping?
  3. For the Legend of Korra shipping wars that are inevitably and unfortunately coming, do you have any suggestions of how to keep it controlled?

  • This question probably won’t be answered as much, but honestly, are you going to participate in the Shipping Battles/ Wars?

Just to be clear: This is not a blog to comment on which "ship" you favor. Save it for Fanon:Shippings, Please.

EDIT#2: I think we're all are mature enough to comment again on this blog, and since I think all the bad blood has been cleared might as well try again :D Although I'd rather not anyone reply to the thread though, I'd like to get back to the subject and getting everyone's opinions on Shipping in General!

Side Note: I won't hesitate to disable comments once again, so don't get any ideas.~_~

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