I chatted with 1st Avatar (via IRC) and I have some good news, bad news, and so-so news.

To begin, 1st Avatar will be coming back in Mid-May!!!

And, for the next Avatar Tournament he's going to need a few assistants. 10 to be exact. And 1st Avatar, Theavatardemotivator, Avatar Roku's Ghost, and I all agreed others will be chosen to be able to have special privileges on the Next tournament!

More good news, the tournament will be extended greatly, an exact number? Around 96, but 1st will ultimately decide that.

So, here comes the bad news, to all who wanted to take over for 1st will not be able to host their own temporary tournament, (Well you can but no one will really vote.) But do not lose hope friends, you may be chosen.


French Froglegs (Accepted Nomination)

Theavatardemotivator (Accepted Nomination)

AvatarRokusGhost (Accepted Nomination)

Moph93 (Accepted Nomination)

The Ultimate Waterbender (Accepted Nomination)

Bassmasta2012 (Accepted Nomination)

Aang20791 (Accepted Nomination)

GrandAdmiral88 (Nomination Declined due to schedule)

Skybender101 (Accepted Nomination)

TyLeefan421 (Accepted Nomination)

PSUAvatar14 (Accepted Nomination)

Leave a comment if you accept!

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