• We'll find out what happended to Zuko's mom! Why? Because if you read the Avatar art of the animated series it says We'll keep that (Zuko's mom) a secret for now. Notice FOR NOW
  • Ursa is alive! But I'm not so sure we'll find out about her.
  • We are going to see Zuko's child voiced by Dante Basco
  • A:LoK will be AWESOME! But get many Zutarians kind of sad because they'll (I) have to face the truth
  • I think the Republic City is by Omashu
*If you want to comment on this feel free to but don't leave comments like "You are soo wrong! Because that's not nice:D

So, what are your perdictions for A:LoK? What are things you want to see in the new mini series? Leave a comment. TyLeefan421 15:48, February 5, 2011 (UTC)

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