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Korra Trailer Reception

Alrighty then! We have all seen the trailer at least... eh 50 times? :D And we all love it very much we're excited, and all that good stuff. But what I want to know from you dedicated fans is...Why do you like/love this trailer? And no, not just the "'Because it's awesome FTW!!!"

Honestly, why is this special to you? Another question: After you've seen this (38 times) do you have any concerns? (I'm playing Devil's advocate here >:D)
Avatar Korra Park

For example: Why did I love this trailer? I'll finally get a picture of what art direction Korra will go into. Like here >>>>

Concern? No Earthbending shown*. (Well, that I didn't see) Then I saw an enemy of Korra use some kind of electric whip type weapon and that got me thinking... Maybe Earthbending is not as frequently used in The Last Airbender: Legend of Korra? Mostly metalbending? -_- < Concerned.

Overall: Leave a comment about the pros and cons of all the news you've seen about Korra and allies.

Side note: For the users following the Deadliest Warrior Blog, new match here.

O tanoshimi kudasai! (Enjoy!) Ty Lee spriteTyLeeFan421

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