Hi everyone! I’m done with my little inactive time, so I decided to make a blog to let people know I’m back!

I’m really excited for Legend of Korra, but I can’t help thinking about someone like Janet Varney playing Korra, I completely trust in Mike, Byran, and Andrea’s choice in the voice actors.

I guess I pictured someone a lot different to play Korra, I’m not saying she won’t do a great job, I’m just surprised they picked someone like Varney to play Korra.

We have all made comments saying how excited we are for Korra, but there aren't many comments on who they had in mind to play Korra. Or what we think or her.

What I want to know is:

  • Are you happy with the voice actors/actress? Any characters, not just Korra.
  • If not, any suggestions?
  • Would you like any other voice actors to come back from A:TLA? Who?

Just a quick comment, but does anyone else think it's strange Seychelle Gabriel/"Yue" will be a voice also?

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