I am a huge fan of Deadliest Warrior on Spike, sooo I was thinking, in a match of two warriors that have never fought on Avatar, who would win? This is not who your favorite character is, to be clear. It will be decided by majority votes, and to help you make up your mind, the summaries of each character's abilities (below).

Let's get started! By the way,Sorry for the wait guys! -_-

Earthbending emblem

Firebending emblem
Match Four!

Mai vs. Jet



  • Master/Expert Knife Thrower
  • Deadly accuracy
  • Extremely talented at dodging attacks
  • Attacks can be fatal


  • Limited amount of weapons (After a long period of time)
  • Age (Youth)



  • Expert Hook Swordsman*
  • Just as capable of fighting with a single hook sword as with two
  • Attacks can be fatal
  • Move huge lengths using hook swords as support


  • Age (Youth)
  • Mentally Unstable
  • Limited amount of weapons

This battle takes place at The Foggy Swamp

*Swordsman.... Did I phrased that correctly? I think I did

Hope you guys enjoy this match up! Next round two previous winners will go head to head! Ty Lee spriteTyLeeFan421