Yeah, well I'm going inactive! This must be really annoying to everyone, with Prillin101 going and IBK leaving. But I have been here since November and I just feel like I really haven't done anything important here, or really helped out. And honestly I don't think I'll be missed/noticed. And that's my fault for not making more edits. I d
on't know...I think I need a mental health break or something, I'm feeling not like my normally perky self.

Anyway I'm going to tie up some strings up today (Ava Assistant, Fanons) so if for some reason you need to talk to me do it today because I won't be back for a week at least, I'll only leave messages to my close friends. I'm having allot of family issuses and I can't relax until they are resolved. And I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to go to my mother's home country to attended a funeral for,

In summary: I'll try to come back in a week, but I have a bad feeling I'll be gone alot longer, I really will try to be back before the next Avatar Tournament.

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