Hi everyone! \(*o*)/

First off, I wanted to say that I am so very sorry for not being able to contribute as much as I should lately. I’ve had allot of things going on, most of them being good! But that’s for another blog post. ^-^


It’s been one whole year that I’ve been on Avatar Wiki! -throws confetti into air-

Being here a whole year means allot to me, so much has happened during this time, and honestly, I’ve had so much fun here!

I joined after about a month of ‘nony’ comments and edits while my increasing Avatar collection accumulated. Soon I realized that I wanted to be apart of the community, I don’t regret that choice at all.

I’ve talked to so many friendly, smart, kind fellow Avatar fans here, it’s so great! Epically my great friend IHeartAvatars. I promise a VERY long message to you soon! :D

Also, everyone else here who has talked to me, and left messages on my talk page, and asked me for help. It means more than you know, and it actually makes me kind of emotional of how kind every single person is here. I believe that is why we have one of the best wiki communities, I have not seen another site that is as prepared to help as much as you guys! (God, this is getting cheesy)

I know this was super lame and cheesy, but I do mean it, you guys are the best, and every time I visit this site, it makes me happy to know how dedicated you are.

I leave you with this question- Out of the time that you have spent here at Avatar Wiki, was has been your best experience? Or just someone/something that has made you come back to the site (ex.fanons, newsletter, info., etc.)

Thanks for reading my blog! Oh wait! One more thing, thank you so much for the User of the Month Nomination, I wish everyone the best of luck!

See you later! -Ty Lee spriteTyLeeFan421 22:48, November 2, 2011 (UTC)