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    November 2, 2011 by TyLeefan421

    Hi everyone! \(*o*)/

    First off, I wanted to say that I am so very sorry for not being able to contribute as much as I should lately. I’ve had allot of things going on, most of them being good! But that’s for another blog post. ^-^

    WOO HOO!

    It’s been one whole year that I’ve been on Avatar Wiki! -throws confetti into air-

    Being here a whole year means allot to me, so much has happened during this time, and honestly, I’ve had so much fun here!

    I joined after about a month of ‘nony’ comments and edits while my increasing Avatar collection accumulated. Soon I realized that I wanted to be apart of the community, I don’t regret that choice at all.

    I’ve talked to so many friendly, smart, kind fellow Avatar fans here, it’s so great! Epically my great fr…

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  • TyLeefan421

    Alrighty then! We have all seen the trailer at least... eh 50 times? :D And we all love it very much we're excited, and all that good stuff. But what I want to know from you dedicated fans is...Why do you like/love this trailer? And no, not just the "'Because it's awesome FTW!!!"

    Honestly, why is this special to you? Another question: After you've seen this (38 times) do you have any concerns? (I'm playing Devil's advocate here >:D)

    For example: Why did I love this trailer? I'll finally get a picture of what art direction Korra will go into. Like here >>>>

    Concern? No Earthbending shown*. (Well, that I didn't see) Then I saw an enemy of Korra use some kind of electric whip type weapon and that got me thinking... Maybe Earthbending is not as freque…

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  • TyLeefan421

    I am a huge fan of Deadliest Warrior on Spike, sooo I was thinking, in a match of two warriors that have never fought on Avatar, who would win? This is not who your favorite character is, to be clear. It will be decided by majority votes, and to help you make up your mind, the summaries of each character's abilities (below).

    Let's get started! By the way,Sorry for the wait guys! -_-

    Match Four!

    Mai vs. Jet


    • Master/Expert Knife Thrower
    • Deadly accuracy
    • Extremely talented at dodging attacks
    • Attacks can be fatal


    • Limited amount of weapons (After a long period of time)
    • Age (Youth)


    • Expert Hook Swordsman*
    • Just as capable of fighting with a single hook sword as with two
    • Attacks can be fatal
    • Move huge lengths using hook swords as support


    • Age (Yo…

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  • TyLeefan421

    Ah yes, Shipping. Whether you Hate it, Love it, or could care less about it, you have an opinion on it. You know you do.

    So, it's pretty self explainatory:

    1. Explain Shipping in your eyes, why do you feel the way you do about it?
    2. Why do you think everyone gets so riled up about shipping?
    3. For the Legend of Korra shipping wars that are inevitably and unfortunately coming, do you have any suggestions of how to keep it controlled?

    • This question probably won’t be answered as much, but honestly, are you going to participate in the Shipping Battles/ Wars?

    Just to be clear: This is not a blog to comment on which "ship" you favor. Save it for Fanon:Shippings, Please.

    EDIT#2: I think we're all are mature enough to comment again on this blog, and since I think al…

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  • TyLeefan421

    Hi everyone! I’m done with my little inactive time, so I decided to make a blog to let people know I’m back!

    I’m really excited for Legend of Korra, but I can’t help thinking about someone like Janet Varney playing Korra, I completely trust in Mike, Byran, and Andrea’s choice in the voice actors.

    I guess I pictured someone a lot different to play Korra, I’m not saying she won’t do a great job, I’m just surprised they picked someone like Varney to play Korra.

    We have all made comments saying how excited we are for Korra, but there aren't many comments on who they had in mind to play Korra. Or what we think or her.

    What I want to know is:

    • Are you happy with the voice actors/actress? Any characters, not just Korra.
    • If not, any suggestions?
    • Would you…
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